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IFBB Professional Ben Pakulski has made a reputation for himself by his science-driven strategy to coaching and longevity. Within the newest episode of his podcast The Muscle Intelligence Podcast, Pakulski sits down with Dr. Thierry Hertoghe MD, who at the moment acts as President of the Worldwide Hormone Society, to speak about hormone remedy and what testosterone remedy can do for somebody affected by low testosterone ranges. You’ll be able to watch the total video beneath, together with timestamps of essential subjects all through the video.
  • 00:10 Introduction to the Podcast

    • Dr. Thierry Hertoghe, an professional in hormone optimization, discusses the importance of hormones, significantly testosterone, progress hormone, thyroid, and different lesser-known hormones in influencing how we glance, really feel, and carry out as we age.
  • 03:41 The Function of Hormone Optimization in Wholesome Growing older

    • Dr. Hertoghe emphasizes the significance of hormone optimization and the way age performs a task in figuring out when one ought to think about hormone alternative remedy. He discusses the seen indicators and signs of hormone deficiencies.
  • 08:04 Facial Options and Hormone Deficiencies

    • Dr. Hertoghe gives examples of facial options that point out hormone deficiencies, similar to a receding hairline, pale complexion, deep wrinkles on the brow, and eyebrow thinning, highlighting the significance of figuring out these visible clues.
  • 13:41 Addressing Considerations About Hormone Substitute Remedy

    • Dr. Hertoghe addresses considerations associated to hormone alternative remedy, similar to its influence on most cancers progress. He explains the advantages of hormone remedy and the way it positively impacts general well being.
  • 15:49 Dosage and Evaluation of Hormone Substitute Remedy

    • Dr. Hertoghe discusses the significance of a complete evaluation, combining lab assessments, bodily examinations, and affected person questionnaires to find out the correct hormone alternative remedy dosage. He emphasizes individualized therapy.
  • 19:29 Gene Remedy and Its Potential

    • Dr. Hertoghe touches on gene remedy as a creating subject and its potential, significantly in relation to telomeres and the way it could contribute to extending wholesome getting old.
  • 21:36 Hormone Substitute Remedy and Dosing Frequency

    • Hormone alternative remedy usually requires each day dosing.
    • Day by day dosing can spare the glands and have long-term advantages.
    • Overdosing will not be advisable; individualized dosing is simpler.
  • 24:52 Nighttime Administration of Progress Hormone

    • Progress hormone is finest taken within the night (98% of sufferers).
    • Nighttime administration mimics the pure progress hormone secretion sample.
    • Morning administration could result in decreased power because of cortisol discount.
  • 25:06 IGF-1 Supplementation for Progress Hormone

    • IGF-1 supplementation is advisable for many sufferers above age 50.
    • Combining IGF-1 and progress hormone in therapy seems to work nicely.
    • Lengthy-acting IGF-1 choices can be found, however human research are restricted.
  • 29:25 Hormonal Regulation of Ldl cholesterol and Well being

    • Hormone deficiencies can result in elevated levels of cholesterol.
    • Correcting hormone deficiencies may help decrease ldl cholesterol naturally.
    • Espresso and alcohol consumption can elevate estrogen ranges in males.
  • 35:06 Desiccated Thyroid vs. T3 or T4 for Thyroid Hormone Substitute

    • Desiccated thyroid accommodates a spectrum of thyroid hormones, together with T3 and T4.
    • Desiccated thyroid can present extra pure and steady thyroid hormone alternative.
    • Classical thyroxine (T4) alone is probably not as efficient in some circumstances.
  • 38:29 Estrogen and Estrogen Blockers for Males

    • Males ought to be cautious about excessive estrogen ranges, which might result in varied points.
    • Blocking estrogen conversion could also be needed in some circumstances.
    • Excessive estrogen in males may result from components like espresso and alcohol consumption.
  • 41:51 Capillary Well being and the Significance of Dilation

    • Capillaries’ capability to dilate is crucial for general well being and performance.
    • Heat and chilly temperature alternation may help open capillaries and enhance circulation.
    • Varied hormones, together with thyroid and estrogen, play roles in capillary well being.
  • 43:38 Injecting hormones for native advantages

    • Injecting progress hormone across the eyes can have native advantages, rejuvenating the face and enhancing eyesight.
    • Mesotherapy with small injections across the eyes and face can result in pores and skin rejuvenation.
    • The therapy’s effectiveness can fluctuate primarily based on the affected person’s general well being and diet.
  • 45:43 Potential results on coronary calcium and arterial getting old

    • Vitamin Ok supplementation could have constructive results on calcium deposits in coronary arteries.
    • Arterial calcification may not essentially be a foul factor, because it may very well be a protecting response.
    • Some remedies can reverse arterial getting old (atherosclerosis), however reversing coronary calcium is more difficult.
  • 47:04 The position of vasopressin and its results

    • Vasopressin can improve reminiscence when taken within the morning.
    • Vasopressin helps retain water within the physique, enhancing pores and skin high quality and lowering the necessity for frequent urination.
    • It may be helpful for people who expertise sleep disruptions because of frequent rest room visits.
  • 50:23 Testosterone alternative remedy and the significance of age

    • Consideration of testosterone replacement therapy after the age of 30, significantly for individuals who interact in intensive sports activities.
    • The significance of sustaining a stability between hormones.
    • The importance of adjusting testosterone doses primarily based on particular person physique measurement and muscle mass.
  • 56:01 Administration and optimization of testosterone

    • The choice for transdermal lotions, particularly in youthful sufferers.
    • Suggestions for making use of testosterone cream to particular areas, such because the face.
    • Frequency and strategies of administering testosterone injections for older people and athletes.
  • 59:31 Balancing anabolic hormones and contemplating rapamycin

    • Dialogue of rapamycin’s potential advantages in small doses and potential points with excessive doses.
    • The significance of sustaining a balanced hormone profile for general well being.
    • How extreme use of anabolic hormones, like testosterone, can result in imbalances and well being points.
  • 01:04:42 The importance of cortisol in well being and well-being

    • The position of cortisol in offering power, stamina, and resistance to emphasize.
    • The potential penalties of cortisol deficiency and adrenal burnout.
    • The necessity for cautious consideration when supplementing with cortisol because of its affect on a number of different hormones.
  • 01:05:58 Hormone Substitute Remedy and Its Significance

    • Dr. Hertoghe discusses varied hormones, together with DHA, cortisol, aldosterone, and their significance.
    • Low cortisol can result in a spread of points, together with unfavorable pondering and paranoia.
    • Different hormones like melatonin, 5-HTP, and GABA play a task in enhancing sleep high quality.
  • 01:09:27 Dosage and Specifics of Cortisol Substitute

    • Dr. Hertoghe talks in regards to the dosage of cortisol alternative remedy.
    • The absorption charge of pure cortisol and the necessity for larger doses in some circumstances.
    • Adjusting cortisol dosage for particular conditions, like working a marathon.
  • 01:10:52 Extra Sources and Data on Hormone Substitute

    • Dr. Hertoghe mentions his web site and clinic for extra info and therapy choices.
    • He highlights his e book on testosterone remedy, providing complete steering on hormone alternative.
    • Emphasizes the significance of taking management of your well being and happiness by correct hormone administration.

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