First Tattoo Tips: What to Know Before Your Appointment



Earlier than you allow the studio, your artist provides you with thorough aftercare directions. Observe them. They could even offer you a useful info slip for reference, so grasp onto that. “Some artists might have other ways of taking good care of your tattoo, however at all times take heed to the artist — not your buddy or cousin who has gotten a tattoo earlier than,” Wei says.

In case your artist used plastic wrap to guard your tattoo, you possibly can take away it after a few hours. For these with a transparent bandage, like Saniderm, comply with your artist’s tips as many have totally different strategies. Wei, for instance, says you possibly can depart it on for 3 to 5 days, whereas Fergus normally recommends taking it off after 24 to 48 hours. Throughout this time, extra blood, ink, and plasma might pool up beneath the movie — that is completely regular, Ariel W. says. When it comes time to take away the bandage, remember to peel it off slowly with clear palms.

No matter which bandage technique your artist prefers, aftercare is often the identical as soon as your tattoo is unwrapped however nonetheless therapeutic. Wash off the tattoo with delicate, antibacterial cleaning soap, like Dr. Bronner’s Baby Unscented Pure Castile Soap, and lukewarm water. Let it air dry in the event you can, or pat it dry with a clear paper towel, Wei says.

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From there, Fergus recommends not moisturizing it for a day, however different artists, like Kang, might let you know to easy on a skinny layer of ointment to your therapeutic tattoo, like Aquaphor, two to a few instances a day for 3 days. “A tattoo takes roughly 4 to 6 weeks to utterly heal, and one of many greatest errors you may make after getting a tattoo is to let it dry up,” says Shari Marchbein, MD, a board-certified dermatologist based mostly in New York Metropolis.

After the primary three days, you possibly can swap it out for an unscented, dye-free, light-weight physique lotion, such because the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion or Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion, and apply it simply as usually for 2 weeks. Garner is also a fan of unscented shea butter. (Allure editors swear by Eu’Genia’s.) “I simply really feel prefer it’s been working higher for me for therapeutic,” she says. “As a result of the shea butter is sort of oily, the tattoo nonetheless seems moisturized even when it is peeling.”

Aveeno Each day Moisturizing Physique Lotion

Lubriderm Each day Moisture Physique Lotion

Whereas it is therapeutic, do not decide, scratch, or itch your tattoo — even when it is flaking, Wei says. Additionally, keep away from submerging your tattoo, so keep out of swimming pools, scorching tubs, and any our bodies of water for 2 weeks. Do not expose your tattoo to the solar both. “As soon as it’s utterly healed, please use sunscreen to guard the tattoo and cut back the effects of the sun,” she provides.

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As for laundry your tattoo after that first time, Abad recommends solely doing so if you bathe. “Overwashing your tattoo can dry out your pores and skin and trigger extra hurt to the tattoo,” she explains.


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