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Constructing severe muscle and energy takes quite a lot of time and dedication. If you wish to work onerous and see important outcomes, German Quantity Coaching could also be an amazing possibility. 

German Quantity Coaching, generally known as the “10×10 exercise,” is an old-school German coaching type popularized by Rolf Feser, a nationwide weightlifting coach on the time. You may count on important muscle positive factors because the program incorporates excessive set counts and reasonable reps. 

 An in depth define of this system and pattern exercises may be discovered beneath. 

Desk of Contents: 

  • Pattern Exercise Program
  • German Quantity Coaching Exercise Necessities
  • Does German Quantity Coaching Work?
  • Advantages of German Quantity Coaching
  • German Quantity Coaching Vitamin
  • The Disadvantages of German Quantity Coaching
  • Incessantly Requested Questions
  • Outro

Pattern Exercise Program

That is an unbelievable pattern exercise program primarily based on a five-day cycle. After 4 cycles of Section 1, transfer on to Section 2. 

In case you really feel burnt out or are usually not seeing the outcomes you are anticipating, it could be higher to modify to a different coaching program for 3-4 weeks.

Section 1: German Quantity Coaching Program

Day 1: Chest & Again

Day 2: Legs & Abs

Day 3: Off

Day 4: Arms and Shoulders

 Train Units Reps Tempo
1A Barbell Shoulder Press  @60% 1RM 10 10 4020
2A DB Alt. Hammer Curls 10 10 4020
3A Relaxation – 90 seconds
1B Rear Delt Flyes 3 8-10 2020
2B Tricep Dips 3 10-12 2020
3B Relaxation – 60 seconds

Day 5: Off

Section 2: Comply with-Up German Quantity Coaching Routine

After finishing section 1 or switching to a different program for some time, I like to recommend finishing the next section for 2 cycles. For the workouts with ten units, it is best to make use of a weight load that you just’d usually full for 12 reps. 

This program focuses extra on tempo and fewer on quantity. 

Day 1: Chest & Again

 Day 2: Legs & Abs

Train Units Reps Tempo
1A Barbell Deadlifts @60% 1RM 10 6 5010
2A Seated Leg Curls 10 6 5010
3A Relaxation – 90 seconds
1B Twisting Crunches 3 12-15 3020
2B Standing Calf Raises 3 12-15 3020
3B Relaxation – 60 seconds

Day 3: Off

Day 4: Arms and Shoulders

Day 5: Off

german volume training workout plan pdf

Historical past Behind German Quantity Coaching

German Quantity Coaching originated in mid-1970 in Germany and is often attributed to Nationwide Weightlifting Coach Rolf Feser, who’s believed to have used a model of GVT with the German Weightlifting group. GVT started to achieve widespread reputation past weightlifting circles at any time when bodybuilders and different health fans began to undertake this system. 

Over time, it has been tailored and modified by numerous trainers and health professionals to go well with totally different health ranges and objectives. In the remainder of this text, we’re going to focus extra on the core rules of GVT and the totally different necessities you may must observe to see important energy positive factors.

german volume training plan

German Quantity Coaching Exercise Necessities

1. Coaching Frequency

There are not any set suggestions concerning how usually you need to do German Quantity Coaching. The choice I laid out above follows a 30-day cycle and a two-week section that adjustments the tempo.

As a consequence of what a German Quantity Coaching plan calls for on the physique, I would not suggest doing it year-round. As an alternative, concentrate on doing it for a couple of months at a time after which switching to a special program for some time. 

One coaching session each 4 to 5 days per physique half is greater than enough. 

2. Systematic Break up 

GVT usually follows a split routine, organizing exercises primarily based on particular muscle teams. Some of the frequent splits entails coaching chest and again on in the future, legs and abs on one other day, after which resting for a day. 

Arms and shoulders then observe the remainder day. 

3. Development Issue

Progressive overload is the fundamental precept behind GVT. Because the title suggests, the objective is to extend the coaching load over time regularly. This may be achieved in a few methods. Both by including weight, growing repetitions, or bettering general exercise depth

The development consider GVT ensures that you’ll proceed to develop and forestall your physique from fully adapting to the coaching. 

4. Variety of Workout routines

GVT focuses on a choose variety of compound exercises to maximize muscle engagement and this system’s general effectiveness. Usually, a exercise in this system has 4 major workouts

The restricted variety of workouts ensures a targeted and environment friendly exercise routine.

5. GVT Program Tempo

The tempo within the above pattern exercise refers back to the velocity at which every repetition is carried out. GVT is only when included right into a managed tempo to maximise muscle engagement and stimulate development. 

The everyday tempo used for GVT is represented as a collection of numbers, which signifies the period of every section of the motion.

GVT Tempo Instance:

1A Bench Press: 4 seconds eccentric, 0 seconds pause, 2 seconds concentric, 0 seconds pause (4020)

Sustaining a managed tempo all through every rep is crucial for attaining the specified coaching impact and stopping momentum-driven repetitions.

6. Relaxation Intervals

From expertise, the primary couple of supersets of German Quantity Coaching do not feel tough and make you marvel why a relaxation interval is labored into this system. Nonetheless, the deeper you get into your units, the extra you may understand their significance. 

GVT has particular relaxation intervals for each “A” workouts (important compound actions) and “B” workouts (supplementary actions).

Relaxation Intervals:

  • “A” Workout routines: 90 seconds relaxation between units
  • “B” Workout routines: 60 seconds relaxation between units

I recommend setting a timer in your cellphone or watch to make sure you take the correct quantity of time in your relaxation intervals.

10x10 german volume training routine

Does German Quantity Coaching Work?

Whereas GVT has gained reputation for its muscle and strength-building capabilities, it is not appropriate for everybody. It’s a complicated approach requiring an honest understanding of lifting strategies and powerful willpower. 

Key Factors:

Particular person Variation: Much less superior lifters normally do not require the extraordinary high-volume coaching of GVT to make substantial progress since they aren’t as accustomed to the stress related to figuring out.

Restoration Issues: People with impaired restoration, comparable to inadequate sleep, fat-loss diets, or high-life stress, would possibly discover a extra reasonable coaching methodology extra manageable. I consider a two- or four-day higher/decrease cut up could be a extra balanced various for these people.

what is german volume training

Advantages of German Quantity Coaching

1. Muscle Hypertrophy

Some of the important advantages of GVT’s excessive quantity and progressive overload is its potential to induce muscle hypertrophy. The excessive rep quantity places your physique below sufficient stress on the focused muscle teams. 

The mix of intense workload and progressive overload forces the muscle fibers being labored to adapt and develop into lean physique mass. 

2. Energy Positive aspects

German Quantity Coaching focuses on hypertrophy and is an unbelievable approach to construct energy. Since resistance ought to regularly improve, the muscle groups and central nervous system are challenged and compelled to recuperate and rebuild. 

Consequently, people partaking in GVT usually expertise important positive factors in energy.

3. Effectivity

GVT’s simplicity because of the program’s simplicity on compound actions makes it a time-efficient but intense coaching routine. This may be a gorgeous possibility for people with restricted time for exercises but do not wish to compromise depth.

4. Structured Program

GVT eliminates guesswork about what exercise you need to try this day and helps you keep targeted in your coaching objectives. It gives a structured program with clear train choice, quantity, and development tips. 

This is not only a advantage of GVT; staying targeted and following any systematic exercise plan contributes to constant progress and outcomes.

german volume training plan pdf

German Quantity Coaching Vitamin

No matter how onerous you’re employed, in case your diet is not the place it must be, you will not be getting the total advantages of the coaching. Vitamin performs an important function in supporting the calls for of German Quantity Coaching (GVT) as a result of it permits you to prioritize key dietary features that contribute to restoration, power ranges, and muscle development. 

This is a brief and candy information to diet for German Quantity Coaching:

1. Macronutrient Steadiness


Protein is extremely essential for muscle restore and development, making it important for people partaking in any type of high-intensity coaching, particularly GVT. I like to recommend that the majority wholesome and energetic adults attempt to get 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of physique weight.

In fact, it is a common guideline, so it’s possible you’ll want roughly protein primarily based on components like age, being pregnant, well being situations, and health objectives.  


Opposite to what the web has been saying, carbohydrates are usually not the enemy; they supply the power essential for the extraordinary exercises related to GVT. 

To be environment friendly and efficient together with your diet, prioritize consuming complicated carbohydrates to take care of power ranges all through the coaching session and help glycogen replenishment post-workout with easier carb sources like fruit.


Wholesome fat are important macronutrients that present the physique with important fatty acids, assist help hormone manufacturing, are nice for joint well being, and enhance the physique’s capacity to soak up fat-soluble nutritional vitamins. Whereas carbohydrates are the physique’s major power supply, fat may also be used as an power supply

I get pleasure from including wholesome fat comparable to avocados, nuts, and olive oil to my eating regimen.

2. Hydration

It might not appear that essential, however staying well-hydrated is essential for efficiency, restoration, and general well being. As you sweat whereas coaching, you slowly lower your efficiency, improve the threat of muscle cramps, and probably compromise restoration efforts

Pre-Exercise Hydration: 

Drink at the very least a few glasses of water earlier than your GVT session to make sure that you begin your exercise adequately hydrated.

Throughout Train:

Devour water usually throughout GVT classes, particularly if the exercise is prolonged otherwise you’re sweating closely. The American Council on Train suggests ingesting 7-10 ounces of water each 10-20 minutes throughout train.¹

Submit-Exercise Hydration: 

Rehydrate after GVT with water or a low-calorie sports activities drink containing electrolytes to replenish each fluids and electrolytes misplaced by way of sweat. As a common rule, drink 16 to 24 ounces of fluid for each pound of physique weight misplaced throughout train.

3. General Dietary Issues

Pre-Exercise Vitamin:

To correctly gasoline your exercises, devour a balanced meal containing carbohydrates, protein, and a few fat 2-3 hours earlier than a GVT session.

Submit-Exercise Vitamin:

To kickstart the restoration course of, devour a post-workout meal or protein shake containing a mixture of protein and carbohydrates inside 30-60 minutes after finishing GVT. If you’re going to drink a protein shake, intention for a fast-digesting protein supply, like whey protein isolate, to kickstart muscle restoration.

Caloric Surplus:

GVT may be bodily demanding, and to present your physique the very best probability of placing on muscle and energy, attempt to keep a slight caloric surplus. A calorie surplus additionally helps present the further power wanted to improve muscle restoration, restore, and glycogen replenishment


Micronutrients embrace nutritional vitamins and minerals, which may be consumed by consuming fruits and veggies or taking dietary supplements like multivitamins. A various vary of nutritional vitamins and minerals helps your immune system, bone well being, and different physiological processes. 

Consuming numerous vegetables and fruit excessive in antioxidants helps cut back oxidative stress, usually when coaching intensively.

You’ll find the Best Multivitamins for Men and Women by following the hyperlinks.

Meal Frequency:

Consuming smaller however extra frequent meals all through the day, as a substitute of consuming sporadically, ensures that your physique has a regular provide of vitamins and power. This prevents important power dips all through the day that may have an effect on efficiency. 


Whereas dietary supplements may be useful and fill gaps in your day, they mustn’t change getting most of your vitamins by way of complete, minimally processed meals. Nonetheless, dietary supplements may be significantly useful for these with dietary restrictions or those that could wrestle with getting every little thing they want by way of meals alone. 

If you’re going to contemplate taking dietary supplements, solely purchase merchandise from respected manufacturers that undergo rigorous testing. The dietary supplements I like to recommend probably the most to purchasers are whey protein, creatine, and multivitamins.

german volume training program

The Disadvantages of German Quantity Coaching

1. Danger of Overtraining

One of many greatest drawbacks of German Quantity Coaching is the elevated threat of overtraining attributable to its demanding excessive coaching quantity. This may be very true in case you attempt to do it for prolonged intervals with out correct restoration

Overtraining can result in extreme fatigue, an elevated threat of damage, and pressure on the central nervous system. To cut back the chance of overtraining, incorporate restoration intervals and relaxation days into your coaching schedule. 

2. Not Ideally suited for Freshmen

Most learners not accustomed to high-intensity exercises could wrestle with the bodily calls for and psychological fortitude required to finish GVT. I like to recommend that learners focus extra on regularly constructing energy and endurance. 

It is usually important for learners to grasp correct type and approach within the basis workouts earlier than progressing to extra complicated coaching strategies like GVT. 

3. Restricted Train Selection

GVT focuses on a few compound workouts that may result in restricted general muscle engagement and selection. Whereas compound actions are efficient, focusing solely on the identical train actions can neglect some muscle teams and probably lead to muscle imbalances.

german volume training hip thrusts

Incessantly Requested Questions

Does German Quantity Coaching Actually Work?

From private expertise and having purchasers strive it out, German Quantity Coaching (GVT) has confirmed an efficient approach to obtain muscle hypertrophy and energy positive factors. I consider GVT’s success lies in its high-volume strategy, progressive overload, and concentrate on compound actions. 

Nonetheless, it is price mentioning that the effectiveness of any coaching program, together with GVT, can range amongst people primarily based on many components, comparable to health degree, consistency, and adherence to this system.

In actual fact, one examine I discovered on the topic acknowledged that performing greater than 5 units per train doesn’t promote extra important muscle positive factors in muscle energy and hypertrophy.² So, your outcomes could range in case you determine to strive a GVT exercise plan.

How Lengthy Does it Take to See Outcomes From German Quantity Coaching?

As an authorized private coach, I noticed important outcomes inside six to eight weeks with consistency and dedication. My physique reacted positively to the excessive quantity and depth of GVT, stimulating muscle development and energy growth, however your responses could range. 

To present your self the very best probability of seeing outcomes, persistence and dedication are essential, as are different components like diet, restoration, and general way of life, which additionally affect the velocity of outcomes.

Is German Quantity Coaching good for hypertrophy and energy?

The German Quantity Coaching methodology is a well-thought-out program selling muscle hypertrophy and energy. This system’s ten units of 10 reps scheme break your muscle fibers down and trigger important metabolic stress, contributing to hypertrophy. 

Moreover, in case you can concentrate on difficult the muscle groups with growing resistance, you’ll most certainly see important energy positive factors in your one rep max. 

Is German Quantity Coaching Good For Fats Loss?

Whereas GVT is especially identified for its effectiveness in muscle hypertrophy and energy positive factors, it is also thought of a fats loss program. Any type of resistance coaching can contribute to fats loss by way of numerous mechanisms, comparable to metabolic impression, caloric expenditure, and muscle constructing. 

I want to point out that regardless of these potential fats loss advantages, different components extremely affect fats loss, together with sleep, stress administration, and eating regimen. GVT needs to be checked out as a part of fats loss as a substitute of the one resolution.  


German Quantity Coaching is an intense program that, when completed constantly for 4-6 weeks and mixed with good meals and restoration, will assist you to hit extra energy objectives and develop extra muscle mass. If you’re a brand new lifter or somebody who is not involved in getting stronger comparatively rapidly, listed below are another widespread coaching packages you would possibly like:

SFS Strength Program

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