Glute Ham Raise: Alternatives, Form & Benefits



The glute-ham increase is an excellent lower-body train deserving of extra consideration. 

It’s exceptionally efficient for coaching the hamstrings and glutes with out considerably contributing to general fatigue, making it ideally suited for anybody trying to achieve posterior chain muscle and energy.

It additionally doesn’t load your backbone, so it’s a helpful workaround for anybody with again points or eager to proceed coaching their hamstrings and glutes once they’re already fried from deadlifting or squatting. 

On this knowledgeable information, you’ll study what a glute-ham increase (and glute-ham increase machine) is, the best way to do glute-ham raises with correct type, the advantages of the train, which muscle tissues it really works, the best way to embody it in your program, one of the best glute-ham increase alternate options and variations, and extra.

What Are Glute-Ham Raises?

The glute-ham increase, or “GHR” train, is a strength training train that primarily trains the glutes and hamstrings.

You carry out it on a bit of apparatus referred to as a glute-ham increase machine, or “glute-ham developer” (GHD), which helps your thighs and anchors your toes, permitting you to decrease your chest towards the ground by leaning ahead and pull your self again to the beginning place utilizing your hamstrings.

Glute-Ham Elevate Machine

Whilst you can carry out glute-ham increase alternate options utilizing a variety of apparatus, you want a glute-ham increase machine to do the GHR correctly. 

Right here’s what a glute-ham increase machine seems to be like:

Glute Ham Raise Machine

The good thing about utilizing a glute-ham increase machine is that it offers the help and stability obligatory to coach by a full range of motion comfortably, boosting the security and effectiveness of the train.

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Find out how to Do the Glute-Ham Elevate

To learn to do the glute-ham increase, cut up the train into three components: arrange, descend, and lift. 

1. Arrange

Climb onto the glute-ham developer, place the ankle pads towards your decrease shins and Achilles tendons to “lock” your toes in place, press your toes into the footplate hip-width aside, and relaxation your quads on the pad.

You’re within the appropriate place when your knees are barely under the pad and just a little decrease than your ankles when considered from the aspect. 

Bend your knees and flex your glutes in order that your physique is upright and varieties a straight line out of your head to your knees, then cross your arms over your chest. 

2. Descend

Maintaining your again flat and glutes flexed, press your toes into the footplate and straighten your knees to decrease your chest towards the ground by leaning ahead. Proceed decreasing your torso till your higher physique is parallel to the ground. 

3. Elevate

Raise your physique again to the beginning place by pulling along with your hamstrings and flexing your knees. This mirrors what you probably did throughout the descent.

Right here’s the way it ought to look whenever you put all of it collectively:

Advantages of the Glute-Ham Elevate

1. It successfully trains the hamstrings.

Research exhibits that the glute-ham increase trains all components of the hamstrings to a excessive diploma and trains the decrease again and calves to a lesser extent.

2. It means that you can practice your hamstrings when your decrease again is drained.

For those who solely practice your glutes and hamstrings with compound exercises just like the deadlift and Romanian deadlift, you’ll usually should cease coaching when your decrease back is drained, although your glutes and hammies might deal with extra.

The glute-ham increase helps on this state of affairs as a result of it means that you can practice your hamstrings and glutes when your again is drained, making certain they get the stimulus they should develop.

3.  It’s ideally suited for folks with decrease again points.

In contrast to most workouts that practice the posterior chain (the muscle tissues on the again of your physique), the glute-ham increase doesn’t load your backbone, making it a wonderful train for these with lower back issues

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Muscle groups Labored by the Glute-Ham Elevate

The primary muscle tissues labored by the glute-ham increase are the glutes and hamstrings. It additionally trains your calves and decrease again to a lesser diploma. 

Right here’s how the principle muscle teams labored by glute raises look in your physique:

Muscles Worked by the Glute-Ham RaiseMuscles Worked by the Glute-Ham Raise

Units and Reps for the Glute-Ham Elevate

For folks trying to achieve muscle, 3 units of 5-to-15 reps works effectively. 

The glute increase is exceptionally difficult at first, so capturing for 3 units of 5 reps is affordable. 

As you get stronger, aiming for nearer to fifteen reps per set will yield higher outcomes. And as soon as you’ll be able to simply carry out units of 15 reps, including weight to the GHR train means that you can proceed progressing.

To make use of the GHR to construct energy particularly, work in a decrease rep vary, akin to 4-to-6 or 6-to-8 reps per set. To make sure you keep inside your chosen rep vary and achieve energy successfully, performing the train with a barbell in your again is normally obligatory. 

From an train order perspective, it’s finest to do the GHR in your leg or lower-body exercises after you’ve accomplished your foremost compound workouts for the day.

The Finest Glute-Ham Elevate Alternate options and Variations

1. Romanian Deadlift

The Romanian deadlift is a top-tier posterior chain train as a result of it means that you can elevate heavy weights safely and progress often, making it ideally suited for gaining measurement and energy in all of the muscle tissues on the again of your physique.

2. Good Morning

The good morning allows you to coach your glutes and hamstrings with heavy weights and in a stretched place, which is useful for muscle development. 

3. Hip Thrust

The positioning of the barbell throughout hip thrusts forces your glutes and hamstrings to work arduous all through your complete vary of movement, which is a singular good thing about this train. It’s additionally simple to progressively overload, so it’s an excellent train for gaining muscle and energy. 

4. Nordic Hamstring Curl

Research exhibits that the Nordic curl is a incredible body weight hamstring train, which can additionally reduce your danger of struggling a hamstring harm. 

5. Leg Curl

In contrast to most hamstring workouts, the seated leg curl trains your hamstrings by a full vary of movement and in a stretched place, which is highly efficient for gaining hamstring measurement and energy.

6. Hyperextension

Research exhibits that the hyperextension is a superb train for glute and hamstring improvement. To extend how a lot your glutes and hamstrings contribute to the train, place the pad just a little under your hips, flip your toes out barely, tuck your chin to your chest, and spherical your upper back, then prolong your hips to elevate your again. 

7. Weighted Glute-Ham Elevate

Including weight to the glute-ham increase by putting a barbell in your again, holding a plate towards your chest, or utilizing a weighted vest will increase the depth of the train. This variation is ideal for individuals who have mastered the body weight glute-ham increase and are in search of a better problem. 

8. Swiss Ball Leg Curl

The Swiss ball leg curl requires minimal gear and area, making it a wonderful glute-ham increase different in the event you don’t have entry to a health club. Whereas many consider it as a GHR different for beginners, the instability makes it a deceptively difficult train appropriate for folks of all expertise ranges. 

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Who Ought to Do Glute-Ham Raises?

The glute-ham increase is right for anybody aiming to construct glute and hamstring muscle for a number of causes:

  • It means that you can isolate your glutes and hamstrings, which suggests you’ll be able to practice them with the volume they should develop with out different muscle teams turning into the limiting issue.
  • It means that you can practice these muscle tissues by a distinct vary of movement than different workouts, which doubtless enhances muscle development.
  • It provides you a break from heavy pulling and squatting, which will help preserve coaching extra partaking, enjoyable, and productive.
  • It’s simpler on the joints than heavy squatting and deadlifting, which can cut back your danger of harm.

FAQ #1: Are you able to do a glute-ham increase and not using a GHR machine?

Not precisely, however you’ll be able to carry out workouts which have related advantages, such because the Romanian deadlift, good morning, hip thrust, Nordic curl, leg curl, hyperextension, and Swiss ball leg curl. 

Of those workouts, the Nordic curl might be essentially the most much like the glute-ham increase and doesn’t require any specialist gear. 

FAQ #2: Are glute-ham raises value it?

Sure, glute-ham raises are a really worthwhile train for anybody trying to strengthen their posterior chain, enhance athletic efficiency, assist stop accidents, and construct muscle. 

FAQ #3: Why is the glute increase so arduous?

Many newbies battle with the glute-ham increase as a result of it calls for appreciable energy and management from the glutes, hamstrings, and decrease again, which are sometimes weak in these new to energy coaching. For those who’re additionally obese, the GHR will be much more difficult as a result of it requires you to elevate your physique weight. 

You may overcome these difficulties by performing simpler alternate options or variations to steadily construct the required energy to carry out the GHR comfortably. 

FAQ #4: What’s the distinction between Nordic curls and glute-ham raises?

Within the Nordic hamstring curl, your toes and knees are according to one another (each on the ground), whereas within the glute-ham increase, the knee pad locations your knees barely under your toes. Which means that the “lever arm” (on this case, your torso and thighs) is barely longer within the Nordic curl, which is why the Nordic curl feels more difficult than the glute-ham increase.

Each workouts practice the identical muscle tissues to a comparable diploma, so you are able to do whichever you like or alternate between them each 8-to-10 weeks of coaching. 

FAQ #5: Is the glute-ham increase dangerous in your knees?

The glute-ham increase isn’t dangerous in your knees when carried out accurately. In truth, it may well strengthen the muscle tissues across the knees, offering higher help and stability.

That mentioned, some folks expertise knee ache when performing the glute-ham increase, most actually because they place their knees too excessive on the pad, which might trigger your knees to hyperextend on the backside of every rep.

To keep away from this, merely guarantee your knees are within the appropriate place barely under the knee pad when establishing the train. 

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