How Issa Rae Has Kept Her Edges in Tact All These Years



Attract: Crucial magnificence tip you’ve ever obtained is…

Rae: Truthfully, that is one thing that everybody is aware of, however simply as a lazy particular person, not sleeping in make-up and never flying with make-up on. Joanna Simkin, my make-up artist, does a ‘Naked within the Air’ marketing campaign simply to make it possible for individuals understand how unhealthy it’s to fly with make-up in your face. I do not at all times comply with the principles, however I do know that it is unhealthy for you.

[Editor’s note: Bare in the Air is an unofficial social campaign that Simkin started “to make sure everybody was taking proper care of their skin while traveling,” according to Simkin. The makeup artist adds that she is “working on some TSA-approved goodies people can pack in their carry-ons to continue to love their skin in flight.”

Allure: How have you kept your hair so healthy all these years?

Rae: I was not taking care of my hair for a while because I didn’t know how to. Getting involved with Sienna Naturals and understanding the root of hair health has helped me. Working with [hair stylist] Felicia Leatherwood has helped too — she has very shut, intimate entry to my scalp.

It is simply letting my hair relaxation loads, too, once I can. Generally, meaning I am not seeing anyone. Generally, meaning I’m digicam off on Zoom in order that I can make it possible for my hair is out and free and moisturized with out having to coif it or put it in a good ponytail or bun.

Attract: What’s your favourite a part of preparing?

Rae: Doing my face. I wish to preserve a clear face with lip, mascara, and tinting my eyebrows, and glasses. That’s my uniform. It makes me glad to be barefaced.

Attract: What’s your least favourite a part of preparing?

Rae: Generally doing my hair, as a result of I am so meticulous. It is a course of.

Attract: How would you describe the signature Issa Rae look?

Rae: Along with a naked face and glasses, a excessive bun, T-shirt, denims, and Chucks.

Attract: What’s your favourite a part of your face?

Rae: That is so humorous, I’ve by no means thought of that however… smile.


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