How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation



A profoundly easy observe that works for specialists and amateurs alike.

Photograph by David Gabriel Fischer.

1. Select a quiet and uplifted place to do your meditation observe. Sit cross-legged on a meditation cushion, or if that’s troublesome, sit on a straight-backed chair along with your toes flat on the ground, with out leaning in opposition to the again of the chair.

2. Place your arms palms down in your thighs and take an upright posture with a straight again, relaxed but dignified. Along with your eyes open, let your gaze relaxation comfortably as you look barely downward about six toes in entrance of you.

3. Place your consideration evenly in your out-breath, whereas remaining conscious of the atmosphere round you. Be with every breath because the air goes out by your mouth and nostrils and dissolves into the house round you. On the finish of every out-breath, merely relaxation till the subsequent breath goes out. For a extra centered meditation, you’ll be able to observe each out-breaths and in-breaths.

4. Everytime you discover {that a} thought has taken your consideration away from the breath, simply say to your self, “considering,” and return to following the breath. On this context, any thought, feeling, or notion that distracts you is labeled “considering.” Ideas should not judged nearly as good or dangerous. When a thought arises, simply gently be aware it and return your consideration to your breath and posture.

5. On the finish of your meditation session, carry calm, mindfulness, and openness into the remainder of your day.


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