Is ‘The Rock’ on Steroids? A Look At The Facts



In the case of growing a large, ripped physique, everyone knows the deal: the Professional bodybuilding look is simply achievable in case you’re prepared to lay our a fortune on anabolic steroids. However, there are a number of distinguished figures, admittedly not as spectacular as a Mr Olympia contestant, with our bodies that hundreds of thousands of individuals naturally look to as inspirational and achievable. In all probability probably the most well-known is The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson.

So, is the Rock’s physique actually achievable naturally, or is he secretly on the juice?

Dwayne, ‘The Rock,’ Johnson has admitted to taking steroids – however just for a few weeks when he was 18. He is now in his 50s, with a extra large and ripped physique than when he was in his 30s. Many individuals are satisfied that his degree of muscle and definition is not possible with out chemical enhancement. But, the person continues to insist that he is natty.

So, what is the reality?

Within the absence of steroid check outcomes, or his private admission, the most effective we are able to do is make an informed evaluation primarily based on all of the accessible proof. It is then as much as you to return to your personal conclusion.

The Rock’s Genetic Benefit

Dwayne Johnson was born in Hayward, California, on Might 2nd, 1972. Each his grandfather and father have been skilled wrestlers, which made it fairly clear wherein route Dwayne’s life would go. His father, Rocky ‘Soulman’ Johnson, was Canadian-born, whereas his mom was of Samoan descent. 

Dwayne’s grandfather, on his mom’s aspect, was additionally a wrestler – and never simply any wrestler. Peter Maiva was one of many largest stars within the WWF within the late 70s and has been inducted into that group’s corridor of fame.

Rocky started educating wrestling strikes to Dwayne on the age of six. Rocky’s professional wrestling profession noticed the household shifting typically. Because of this, Dwayne went to high school in New Zealand, Hawaii, Tennessee, and Georgia.

Now cease and take a look at these photos of the Rock’s dad and grandfather.

Each of those guys are enormous. The image of Dwayne’s dad, Rocky, reveals the best higher physique construction of a bodybuilder: extensive clavicles, broad shoulders, and slim hips. We do not know if both of those gents was on steroids (they have been rife within the wrestling scene of the ’60s and ’70s). We are able to say that the Rock was born with a genetic benefit by way of muscle-building potential.

It is also value noting the Rock’s Samoan heritage. Samoan males are well-known for being stronger and extra muscular than different ethnicities. For those who want proof, simply take a look at the variety of Samoans within the NFL. There have been quite a few theories to account for these power and muscle benefits, with some scientists believing it is as a consequence of a strength gene called ACTN3.

We will not say for certain whether or not the Rock has this particular power gene. What we do know is that on the age of 17, he was already bench-pressing 300 kilos!

From the Rock’s Mouth

In a 2009 interview with MTV, The Rock admitted to utilizing steroids for 2 weeks when he was 18. On the time, he would have been enjoying soccer for the College of Miami. This is what he mentioned …

“I attempted it. Me and my buddies tried it again within the day once I was 18 or 19. Did not know what we have been doing.”

In one other interview, Dwayne added that he and his buddy started growing gynecomastia, also called ‘bitch tits’ on account of their steroid experimentation.

Aside from this episode in his teen years, The Rock has been adamant in his assertion that he has not used anabolic steroids.

The Rock’s Transformation

The Rock at 31

(Picture credit score – WWE)

Males naturally lose muscle mass and enhance fats ranges between the ages of 30 and 50. That is as a consequence of quite a few way of life elements in addition to the pure age-related decline of testosterone and human progress hormone that kicks in at round age 30.

One take a look at the comparability pics of The Rock in his 30s and now, in his early 50s, and that logic will get turned on its head. Throughout his wrestling profession, Dwayne was what can finest be described as ‘beefy.’ He had a good quantity of dimension, however the definition was lacking.

At the moment’s Rock physique is far more large and far more ripped. So, not solely has he run counter to the pure lack of muscle mass, he is truly misplaced physique fats reasonably than placing it on like most guys.

In fact, between his mid-30s and now, the Rock has been figuring out fairly intensely and sustaining a strict lean muscle-enhancing food plan. However, even nonetheless, the outcomes he has achieved are removed from regular. He’s much more muscular now when his pure testosterone provide is considerably lower than he was in his 20s when it was at its peak.

It could possibly be argued that, as he has gotten older, the Rock has realized to coach extra effectively and observe a greater food plan. Nevertheless, by his personal admission, he has been immersed in coaching and consuming for outcomes for the reason that age of 5 and has been figuring out usually since his early teenagers. It isn’t as if he all of a sudden found learn how to work out and eat for muscle progress in his 40s!

The Bodily Proof

The Rock skull changes

Let’s now drill down on a number of notable variations within the Rock’s physique which will point out steroid use. Earlier than we get to his physique, examine the person’s head within the two photos above.

Within the earlier shot, his head is extra rounded. Nevertheless, the shot taken in his 50s exhibits a extra distinguished, sq. cranium. Shedding physique fats will provide you with a squarer jawline, but it surely will not reshape your cranium. This impact could also be a results of injecting chemical human progress hormone (HGH) into your system.

Now, check out the trapezius growth on the modern-day Rock. His traps are monumental, having grown tremendously since his wrestling days.

the rock trap flex

Most pure lifters should not in a position to construct large traps. However once they go on the juice, the higher traps are one of many first physique elements to reply. That is as a result of there are a lot of androgen receptors on this space.

Another bodily change of be aware is the Rock’s pores and skin shade. It is gotten darker. That could be as a consequence of quite a few elements, together with the next physique temperature. Steroid use could trigger elevated blood strain, which may not directly contribute to a rise in physique temperature.

The Joe Rogan Issue

When fashionable podcast host and former UFC commentator Joe Rogan speaks, folks have a tendency to concentrate. Again in 2022, Rogan set his sights on The Rock. Particularly, Joe claimed that the Black Adam star was mendacity about not utilizing steroids and implored him to return clear for the sake of his fanbase.

Rogan’s steroids accusation got here within the wake of the Liver King video controversy, the place health persona and uncooked meat advocate Brian “Liver King’ Johnson was revealed to be a steroid person after repeated denials. Rogan implored the Rock to observe within the Liver King’s footsteps and launch a video explaining how and why he takes anabolics.

Rogan and Derek from Extra Plates Extra Dates analyzed photos of The Rock taken straight after an intense exercise. This is a quote from Rogan, taken from the podcast:

“There isn’t any approach you may seem like that, in your 40s. The Rock ought to come clear proper now. He ought to make a video in response to the Liver King video. I would like to speak to you as a result of the Rock’s been mendacity. There’s not a f-king likelihood in hell he is clear. Not an opportunity in hell. As large because the Rock is, at 50? He is so large, and he is so completely different than he was when he was 30. There is a duty it’s important to people who find themselves listening to you. For those who do not wish to speak about it, that is one factor. However in case you do speak about it, there is a duty it’s important to folks listening to you and I believe it’s important to be trustworthy about it, which is why I am trustworthy about it. I do not assume there’s something fallacious with taking hormone alternative.”

Curiously, in November 2023. Rogan truly had The Rock as a visitor on his podcast. However, reasonably than urgent him for the definitive reply on the steroid query, the 2 of them have been all buddy buddy, spending simply a few minutes admitting a picture of The Rock’s dad and inferring that it was all genetics reasonably than chemical enhancement.

The Rock Coaching Routine

There isn’t any denying that The Rock places within the sweat fairness within the fitness center to realize his superhero physique. He trains early – like 4 am early. His exercise begins with 30-50 minutes on the elliptical machine. He’ll then break for breakfast earlier than hitting the weights with what he calls ‘clangin’ and bangin’.’

Dwayne follows a traditional physique cut up routine that sees him within the fitness center six days every week. On most workouts, he does 4 units of 12 reps with a 60-90 seconds relaxation between units. This is how he splits his coaching:

  • Day One: Legs
  • Day Two: Again
  • Day Three: Shoulders
  • Day 4: Arms/Abs
  • Day 5: Chest
  • Day Six: Legs

The Rock Cheat Meals

The Rock is a extremely disciplined eater. He eats 5 meals every day, specializing in lean proteins, starchy carbs, leafy greens, and wholesome fat. Nevertheless, as soon as per week, he permits himself a cheat meal. He has turn into well-known for his cheat meals. Listed below are 5 of the craziest:

  1. 12 pancakes, 4 Pizzas and 21 brownies
  2. 5 pints of ice cream
  3. Banana chocolate chip pancakes and tequila
  4. 5 Milk chocolate and salted caramel cookies
  5. 6 Sushi platters and a plate of cookies

    Regardless of these large carb and calorie assaults, The Rock maintains a shredded physique. That is fairly an accomplishment for a person in his 50s when his metabolism naturally slows down.

    A Typical Exercise

    Right here is The Rock’s chest exercise:

    • Elliptical Machine: 30-50 minutes
    • Barbell Bench Press (medium grip) – 4 x 12
    • Incline Dumbbell Press – 4 x 12
    • Dumbbell Bench press – 4 x 12
    • Mendacity Cable Chest Fly – 4 x 12
    • Incline Hammer Curls – 4 x 12
    • Chest Dips – 4 units to failure

    Is The Rock’s Physique Achievable Naturally?

    No, it isn’t attainable for 99% of the inhabitants to realize a physique just like the Rock naturally. And I am not even speaking a few man of their 50s. Most guys might by no means construct that kind of physique at any age. Even a 50-year-old who was on testosterone-replacement-therapy (TRT) would not be capable of do it.

    It ought to be famous that retaining muscle is extra accessible than constructing it. As we have seen, the Rock has had a considerable amount of muscle all his life. He is undoubtedly added dimension between 30 and 50, which is more likely to have been partially as a consequence of chemical enhancement. To maintain that muscle, he’d be capable of use a a lot milder steroid dose.

    Is the Rock on Steroids?

    Having finished a deep dive on the query of whether or not The Rock is on steroids, what can we conclude? The Rock was born with superior muscle-building genetics, and his Samoan heritage additionally places him at a pure benefit within the power and dimension stakes. Nevertheless, the outstanding transformation that he has skilled from his 30s into his 50s merely defy the legal guidelines of science and of pure ageing.

    The bodily proof by way of his enormous lure growth, darker pores and skin, and altered cranium form provides weight to the declare that the Rock is on the juice. Weighing all of it up, we consider that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is, certainly, a steroid person.

    What’s your opinion on the Rock’s steroid-free claims? Is he on the extent or taking us all for a experience? Share your ideas within the feedback part under.


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