My Roman Empire Is Lush’s “Saltburn”-Inspired Bath Bomb — See Photos



Since its launch final November, Saltburn has been my private thermometer for figuring out how a lot I will get together with folks. In case you understood, or higher but reveled in, the movie’s dark-as-night comedy, homoerotic overtones, and dedication to the sexually grotesque, this may very well be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. If it put you off… properly, I am certain we’ll discover one thing to speak about.

Lush has simply gifted me one other splendidly wicked instrument of measurement for this: the Saltbomb, a shower bomb impressed instantly by the film. The scene it references incorporates the slurp heard ‘around the world, so I doubt I have to remind you what the gist is — however simply in case: Barry Keoghan’s Oliver secretly observes Jacob Elordi’s Felix, um, servicing himself to completion within the bathtub. When Oliver is later left alone within the rest room whereas the bathtub empties, he kneels in it as if it is an altar and slurps up what stays circling the drain. Scrumptious.

Whereas this scene horrified and disgusted many, it completely tickled the nation’s perverts and weirdos (presently talking). Within the months since, I used to be subjected to quite a few TikTok movies of individuals declaring with their chests that they’d drink Jacob Elordi’s salty bathwater if given the prospect (possibly we have to relax on that one, however I respect the lots’ needs).

And whereas that form of conduct would warrant restraining orders and court-mandated remedy in actuality, Lush went forward and stated, “Hey, let’s assist these little sickos stay out their sick little fantasies.” Therefore the Saltbomb, a mixture of sea salt and coconut powder, that are speculated to make water milky and moisturizing however with a considerably mineral… I need to say style, however one ought to by no means truly eat bathwater. A salty vibe, if you’ll. To recreate the scent of the — you realize.



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