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Critical Aspect Results of Guanfacine

Although Guanfacine can successfully treat ADHD, there are some severe dangers to think about. Understanding these potential dangers earlier than taking Guanfacine is important to make an knowledgeable therapy determination.

“Sedation, dry mouth, and dizziness may be unwanted effects of Guanfacine. If these persist, please attain out to your physician.”

Talkspace psychiatrist Dr. Dion Metzger

Slowed coronary heart fee

Considered one of Guanfacine’s severe adversarial results is slowed coronary heart fee. A gradual coronary heart fee could cause dizziness, fatigue, and fainting spells. If any of those happen whereas taking Guanfacine, contact your physician instantly.  

Coronary heart block (ER type)

Coronary heart block happens when electrical alerts between the higher and decrease chambers of the center change into blocked or delayed. Indicators of coronary heart block might embody chest misery, respiration issue, dizziness, and an uneven heartbeat. When you’ve got any signs of coronary heart block, instantly search medical assist.

Very low blood strain (ER type)

Hypotension, or very low blood strain, is a severe facet impact of Guanfacine. When you really feel faint or unsteady when rising rapidly from a sitting or reclined place, it could point out low blood strain ensuing from taking Guanfacine. 

Hallucinations (ER type)

If any hallucination happens whereas taking Guanfacine, it is very important communicate along with your physician about adjusting the dosage accordingly to forestall additional points from arising over time. 


Wheezing is a uncommon but extreme facet impact of Guanfacine and must be taken significantly. When you expertise issue respiration or a sensation of tightness round your throat space after taking Guanfacine, search medical consideration instantly.

Extreme allergic reactions

If any kind of extreme allergic response happens whereas taking Guanfacine, get emergency help instantly to keep away from probably life-threatening penalties. Indicators and signs might embody hives/rash on the pores and skin floor space(s), swelling round eyes/mouth areas, itching sensations all through physique elements, issue respiration, excessive dizziness, and nausea, amongst different issues.

Fainting or passing out

Experiencing sudden weak point or dizziness adopted by an precise lack of consciousness is an unusual however potential occasion linked with taking Guanfacine for treating ADHD. If any fainting or passing out happens whereas taking Guanfacine, get medical assist instantly. 

Seizures (ER type)

Seizures generally is a severe facet impact of taking Guanfacine for treating ADHD circumstances. Warning indicators fluctuate from individual to individual, however widespread ones embody uncontrollable jerking actions and lack of consciousness. 

Hypertension if stopped immediately

When abruptly stopping Guanfacine, hypertension is a typical facet impact.  

Withdrawal signs if stopped immediately

Discontinuing Guanfacine with out consulting medical professionals may end up in delicate to extreme withdrawal signs, together with complications, nausea, and vomiting. Speak to a health care provider earlier than quitting medicine to keep away from Guanfacine withdrawal.


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