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The sport of golf at this time is totally totally different from the sport your grandfather performed, particularly on the skilled stage. With unbelievable advances in know-how and tools mixed with a brand new appreciation for golf health, gamers are hitting the ball additional than ever imagined.

However, there are a number of widespread misconceptions about golf health that harm gamers, corresponding to lifting heavy weights will harm their golf swing by limiting motion or the idea of static stretching earlier than a spherical of golf.

Tiger Woods without end modified the sport of golf in quite a few methods, together with utilizing energy coaching to remodel his physique and add energy. The idea of weight coaching additional consumed the golf world when Bryson DeChambeu added over 50 lbs to his body in 2019.

His newfound energy helped him lead the tour in distance and win the 2020 United States Open Championship, one among golf’s 4 main tournaments. We’re about to share with you the most effective golf weight coaching program to assist take your sport to the subsequent stage. 

Desk of Contents:

  • Why Golfers Ought to Weight Carry
  • Greatest Lifting Methods For Golfers
  • Greatest Power Program For Golfers
  • Greatest Workout routines For Golfers
  • Dynamic Heat-Up Stretches
  • Suggestions For Your Golf Weight Coaching Program
  • Further Advantages of Working Out For Golf
  • FAQs

Why Golfers Ought to Carry Weights

Golf was lengthy seen as a sport solely out-of-shape and older males performed and didn’t essentially require athleticism. The idea of weight coaching for golf was first conceptualized by Corridor of Famer Gary Participant, who addressed the subject in a 1961 problem of Golf Digest, a well-liked journal. Gary said, “By taking a full windup and through the use of the massive muscle groups of your physique and legs, you add each rhythm of energy1.”

Issues modified in 1997 when Tiger Woods emerged, successful golf’s most prized event, The Masters, in record-setting style. Tiger Woods gained by a file 12 pictures and set the file for youngest to win at age 21, amongst a number of different data. Tiger Woods dominated the sector for the subsequent twenty years, largely partially to his construct, which extra resembled that of an NFL participant than a golfer.

Maybe essentially the most spectacular file of all from the 1997 Masters was his weekly common driving distance of 323 yards, which was 23 yards additional than the closest participant at 300.3 (who was the one different participant with a median of 300 yards or above). These days, for those who skip weight coaching, you’re trailing the overwhelming majority of elite gamers who research sports activities science and dedicate a number of hours a day to weight coaching, stretching, and bodily remedy.

Weight coaching, of each the posterior chain and higher physique, has a number of advantages that translate onto the golf course, together with growing pace and distance, which is able to assist you to hit the ball farther. The dramatic enhance in common driving distance has steadily elevated over time, primarily because of the addition of energy coaching, in addition to technological advances.

Please see the under chart that demonstrates how the typical driving distance has steadily elevated2.

PGA Tour Common Driving Distance Chief By 12 months: 

12 months




Rory McIlroy



Bryson DeChambeau



Robert Garrigus



John Daly



John Daly



Tom Purtzer


All for seeing how the most effective golfers work out? Try this video, which highlights the Rory McIlroy exercise routine.

How Ought to Golfers Carry? Greatest Methods

One of many prime golf misconceptions is lifting lighter weights for extra reps is the most effective technique. Some folks consider it is best to skip weight coaching altogether, as building muscle will bulk the physique to a degree the place it impacts the golf swing, corresponding to dropping flexibility. Constructing a stable base, together with the legs, core, and again, is important for growing energy and energy in golf. Some of the essential ideas for golf energy coaching is to coach heavy and explosive. First, we should take into account the essential scientific formulation for energy. 

Energy = Pressure x Velocity

On this customary equation, the power pertains to your energy. To extend power, you could prepare heavy and explosive. Many individuals consider they need to carry out extra reps with lighter weight for golf, in an effort to construct muscular endurance and stop bulking; nonetheless, this concept is totally mistaken. In actuality, golfers ought to prepare with heavy weights for low repetitions to shift from sluggish muscle contractions to explosive, highly effective ones. Lifting heavy weights, aka energy coaching, helps develop fast-twitch muscle fibers, or sort II muscle groups, that are made for brief, highly effective bursts of vitality required to extend swing pace.

Lifting lighter weights for a number of reps develops slow-twitch muscle groups, or sort I muscle groups, that are made for endurance actions like long-distance operating. Regardless of what folks say, golf shouldn’t be an endurance sport; it is a sport of fast, highly effective bursts.

Whereas the vast majority of a golf coaching program ought to give attention to quick twitch muscle (particularly within the low season), additionally it is essential so as to add a medium rep-range to maximise your sport. Workout routines that concentrate on fast power manufacturing are important for growing pace. This consists of leaping, diagonal drugs ball chops, drugs ball throws, lifting lighter weights at quick speeds, and swinging a golf membership as laborious as doable for reps. 

The very best time to implement a golf energy program is the low season as a result of you may elevate heavy with out worrying that soreness will have an effect on your swing. You possibly can dramatically enhance pace and energy through the low season or pre-season in only a few weeks.

One research demonstrated how energy coaching can considerably enhance the golf sport and add distance in a brief interval. Researchers had fifteen coaching male golfers with a median age of 48 and a median of 8 handicap carry out energy coaching and stretching workout routines three to 4 occasions every week.

After solely eight weeks through the offseason, the boys elevated their common carry distance from 210 yards to 230 yards. They concluded {that a} golf weight coaching program led to vital enhancements in energy, flexibility, and stability. These features led to elevated upper-torso axial rotational velocity, which interprets into elevated membership head pace, ball velocity, and total distance3.

You’ll be shocked how simply eight weeks of coaching within the low season or pre-season can revolutionize your sport. 

exercises for golf swing

The Greatest Golf Exercise Program

An essential factor to contemplate when coaching for golf is the idea of low season coaching applications in comparison with mid-season coaching. There are three essential areas that golfers ought to give attention to within the health club to enhance their scores:

  1. Enhance golf-specific mobility (posterior chain)
  2. Enhance maximal energy (low reps, heavy weight)
  3. Enhance velocity/pace (medium or gentle weights moved quick)

Usually, the primary day of the cut up ought to give attention to the decrease physique and core, whereas the second part of the cut up two will characteristic higher physique workout routines. Throughout the pre-season, I like to recommend performing this two-day cut up twice every week for 4 exercises whole.

The in-season length of exercises will possible be much less intense, as you’ll spend extra time on the course than within the health club. Throughout the season, it is best to attempt to carry out this identical two-day split plus a minimum of one extra day of decrease physique or core work. You can even mix a number of leg workout routines, just like the leg press machine and deadlift, with a number of core strikes.

I extremely suggest studying extra about seasonal coaching in our article discussing Strength Training Periodization.

Two-Day Break up Golf Exercise Train Program

Bear in mind, within the pre-season, carry out every session twice weekly, so that you’re weight coaching 4 occasions whole. Within the in-season, carry out every session as soon as weekly, together with an extra leg workout or some core work.

Day 1: Decrease Physique/Core


Units x Reps

Further Directions


4 x 5 (heavy)

Guarantee correct kind
Use dumbbells or barbell

Dumbbell Deadlifts

3 x 6

Preserve a slight bend within the knees
Push hips again for correct posture
Stand on a field or elevated floor for deeper stretch

Weighted Dumbbell Jumps

3 x 6-10

Use gentle dumbbells (5-10 lbs)
5-10% of physique weight
Concentrate on explosive motion

Dumbbell Lunges

2 x 10-15

Any lunge variation is appropriate

Single-leg Hip Extension

2 x 10-15

Lie face-down on a bench, hips on the sting
Maintain the bench for assist & elevate 1 leg
Contract glutes & hamstrings

Medication Ball Rotational Throw

3 x 12

Get right into a golf stance
Rotate torso for energy
Throw the ball in opposition to the wall

Swiss Ball Crunches

2 x 15

Carry out crunch on Swiss drugs ball
Prompts core & stabilizer muscle groups

Day 2: Higher Physique/Core


Units x Reps

Further Directions

Bench Press


Alternate between dumbbells & barbell each few weeks

Standing Dumbbell Navy Press


Stand straight up
Shoulder press above your head
Convey dumbbells collectively with out touching
Have interaction the core for stability

Lat Pull-down


Pull the burden by contracting your again
Do not use physique momentum

Single Arm Dumbbell Rows


Use lighter weight moved rapidly
Go heavy with decrease reps

Medication Ball Russian Twists


Transfer the ball from one facet to the opposite

Resistance Band Reverse Crunch


Lie flat in your again
Connect toes to a resistance band
Hooked band on bench or wall
Elevate legs to 90-degree angle
Use legs & higher physique to carry out a crunch
Also can do with out added resistance

Resistance Band Wooden Chopper


Connect a resistance band or cable to a pole
Seize with each palms
Lengthen arms out at shoulder peak
Twist round till the band touches your physique
Repeat for each side

12 Greatest Workout routines For Golf

These are among the greatest total workout routines for growing energy and distance.

1) Squats:

golf workout programs

Squats are probably the greatest workout routines, no matter your aim or what sport you prepare for. Squats are a compound motion that works the muscle groups which might be important to the golf swing, together with the decrease physique, glutes, and core.

Attempt utilizing dumbbells for a variation, in addition to split squats

2) Deadlifts:

free golf workout program

Apart from squats, deadlifts are probably the greatest total workout routines, no matter what you’re coaching for.

Like squats, deadlifts additionally work the legs, glutes, decrease again, core, and stabilizer muscle groups. Nonetheless, in addition they train the forearms and enhance grip energy. You can too use dumbbells for this train. 

3) Single Arm Dumbbell Rows:

12-week golf workout program

Constructing a powerful again is among the most essential areas of the physique to extend energy improvement on the golf course.

Along with working the again, shoulders, and arms, single-arm dumbbell rows additionally require nice core energy and stability. 

4) Lat Pulldowns:

golf workout program pdf

The identical idea as rows, lat pulldowns are probably the greatest workout routines for energy coaching. Constructing a powerful again is important for maximizing energy, in addition to constructing again muscle groups.

And, if you do not have entry to a health club, you may replicate the pulldown motion utilizing dumbbells. 

5) Medication Ball Twists:

A medication ball is among the most helpful tools for golf-specific coaching. Any twisting train that mimics the actions of the golf swing is useful for including distance. A lighter ball that may be thrown rapidly is good.

Try the YouTube demo on Medicine Ball Twists.

6) Bench Press:

golf workout program free

The bench press is one other basic compound motion that helps construct muscle and enhance energy. It helps construct a powerful chest, arms, shoulders, and core, all essential to the golf swing.

They’ll additionally assist stop damage. Alternate utilizing barbells and dumbbells each few weeks. 

7) Push Ups:

12 week strength training program golf workout routine pdf

Push-ups are a superb train to assist enhance the golf swing. They work the chest, arms, shoulders, and core. 

And there’s an limitless assortment of Push Up Variations you can carry out!

8) Cable Machine Indirect Twists:

at home golf workout program

In case you consider the golf swing, it’s a rotational motion throughout the core. Indirect muscle groups are extraordinarily essential to rotate by means of the swing with extra pace and energy.

Indirect twists and different indirect workout routines are good for strengthening the core. 

9) Standing Dumbbell Press:

best golf workout programs

The standing shoulder press is one other compound train that ought to ideally be carried out through the low season. Along with the shoulders and higher again, the standing side prompts the core and stabilizer muscle groups, important within the golf swing. 

10) Kettlebell Swings:

home golf workout program

Kettlebells are one other glorious piece of health club tools, like the medication ball, that must be used for golf coaching. Kettlebell swings activate the hip abductors, legs, glutes, higher arms, shoulders, again, and core, making them a near-perfect train for golf. 

For extra info, take a look at our article: What Muscles Do Kettlebell Swings Work?

11) Hip Thrusts:

complete golf workout program

The hips are one of the crucial essential muscle groups for the golf swing that individuals typically neglect. Hip thrusts assist construct energy within the hips, hamstrings, glutes, and core, all important to the golf swing. 

12) Core/Belly Workout routines:

golf fitness workout program

Any workout routines that work the core, particularly ones that contain a twisting movement like that of the golf swing, might help you achieve distance. Russian twists, planks, and drugs ball throws are among the greatest core workout routines for golf. 

Dynamic Heat Up Stretches For Golfers

Some of the essential issues to do to maximise energy in golf apart from understanding is a correct warm-up routine. In case you watch 20 golfers heat up earlier than a spherical, you’ll discover that the majority golfers do static stretching, or stretches with out motion. You’ll be higher off not doing something, somewhat than static stretching. Static stretching relaxes the physique; we need to put together the physique to maximise energy, starting with the primary gap. This implies dynamic stretching is important.

Whether or not you’ve got 5 minutes to heat up or an hour, research have proven that it is best to at all times finish with three max-effort jumps. This idea known as post-activation potentiation (PAP), which is the phenomenon the place the power exerted by a muscle is elevated resulting from its earlier contraction.

One research confirmed that performing three max-effort vertical jumps one minute earlier than your first shot led to a rise in membership head pace by 2.25 MPH, or roughly 5%4. For each one MPH enhance in membership head pace, you add roughly 2.3 yards with the driving force. Conversely, static stretching decreases energy by roughly 3-5%5.

Meaning you may enhance your first drive by a internet of practically 10% by switching from static stretching to an lively warm-up with three max-effort jumps. So, for those who usually hit the ball 220 yards with static stretching, you may bump that by over 20 yards with a correct warm-up routine. Dynamic stretching must be utilized at each the golf course and within the health club. 

For a terrific dynamic warm-up, take a look at the video under. Finish this program with the three-max effort jumps I simply mentioned.

Suggestions For Your Weight Coaching Program

The following pointers will assist you to elevate your golf sport.

1) Concentrate on Vertical Pressure:

Bettering vertical power is among the most essential areas to give attention to to generate energy within the golf swing. Vertical power is the upward power exerted into the bottom through the golf swing.

Growing your vertical power might help enhance pace since you leverage the bottom to create extra energy. Among the greatest workout routines to enhance vertical power embrace squats, cut up squats, lunges, vertical drugs ball throws, entice bar deadlifts, kettlebell swings, and leaping workout routines. 

We’ve got many articles discussing these workout routines intimately. Test the desk under for extra info!

2) Prioritize Compound Lifts:

Simply as you’ll with regular resistance coaching, compound exercises corresponding to squats, deadlifts, or bench press must be carried out first within the exercise. This ensures you’ve got the vitality to carry out the heavy compound lifts with most depth.

Core and remoted actions, corresponding to single-leg workout routines, must be executed on the finish of the exercise. 

3) Use Dumbbells:

One other important a part of maximizing your golf sport within the health club is to give attention to workout routines with dumbbells somewhat than a barbell or machines.

Utilizing dumbbells for workout routines requires higher core energy and prompts stabilizer muscle groups to take care of stability in comparison with coaching with a machine or barbell. Dumbbells additionally enable for a higher vary of movement, which might help mimic golf-related actions. 

The very best half? Using dumbbells makes it straightforward to work out at residence! Decide up one among these Best Dumbbells and also you’re all set!

4) Construct Again Muscle tissues:

A fourth key to constructing energy for golf is enhancing your T-spine rotation, which refers back to the rotation of the thoracic backbone (higher again) on a vertical airplane. Maximizing your T backbone rotation is important to generate energy and torque within the golf swing.

Constructing muscle within the again, particularly the lats and rhomboids, in addition to the core, is one of the simplest ways to enhance your rotation and enhance energy. 

5) Use the Proper Tools:

Golf coaching is exclusive and appears very totally different from an everyday muscle-building routine. Using distinctive items of health club tools may be very useful for the golf course. Among the greatest items of health club tools to make use of in your golf weight coaching program embrace:

  • Kettlebells
  • Resistance bands
  • Cable machine
  • Dumbbells
  • Medication ball

back exercises for golf

Further Advantages

Individuals who don’t prefer to elevate weights will search for any excuse to keep away from the health club. What if a golfer said that they don’t want weight coaching as a result of they don’t must, or aren’t seeking to, add distance? Apart from including pace and distance off the tee, there are a number of different advantages of energy coaching for the sport of golf.

A few of these different advantages embrace:

  • A stronger grip might help give golfers extra management when hitting out of thick tough or a nasty lie.
  • Generate extra pace to hit tougher, low punch pictures, or excessive over timber.
  • Stronger athletes can generate extra energy and pace than weaker athletes.
  • A stronger decrease physique creates a extra stable base to rotate successfully.
  • Improved core energy might help preserve stability for pictures with an ungainly lie or stance.
  • Constructing muscular energy might help stop joint ache and different accidents widespread in golf.
  • Train and energy coaching helps enhance your total well being, together with cardiovascular well being and enhancing bone mineral density.
  • Train and energy coaching helps enhance psychological well being and readability.


On this part, we’ll reply among the mostly requested questions associated to golf exercises. 

Is it true that golfers ought to keep away from heavy lifting to stop bulking and lowered flexibility? 

No, that is false. Research have proven {that a} golf weight coaching program can result in vital enhancements in energy, flexibility, pace, distance, and stability.

Apart from lack of energy, what are different explanation why I misplaced shot distance with my golf ball?

Apart from lack of energy, different causes for a brief backswing/poor distance embrace restricted hip rotation, restricted shoulder rotation, restricted thoracic backbone mobility, and poor stability/energy to place weight onto your lead leg. 

What’s the greatest train for golf to achieve distance on my drive? 

Squats and variations of squats, like single-legged dumbbell squats, are the most effective workout routines for golf. Squats are a compound motion that closely works the decrease physique, glutes, decrease again, core, and stabilizer muscle groups, all of that are important for energy within the golf swing. Be sure you preserve good kind to keep away from damage.

What’s the greatest warm-up routine to organize the physique for golf?

A dynamic warm-up routine that features lengthening workout routines, lively mobility stretches, and ending with three max-effort vertical jumps will assist maximize your energy on the primary tee in solely 5 to 10 minutes. 

What’s the splendid set and rep vary in a golf weight coaching program?

Golfers ought to carry out workout routines with excessive depth and heavy weight within the low rep vary, ideally 3-6 reps for every train. Low reps with heavy weight assist develop the fast-twitch muscle fibers, that are used for fast, explosive actions like golf. 

best exercises for golf swing

Golf Exercise Packages & Workout routines: Closing Suggestions & Takeaways

Tiger Woods modified the sport of golf in numerous methods, however maybe his greatest affect was his use of energy coaching to extend his shot distance. These days, an estimated 95% or extra {of professional} gamers on the PGA Tour have some sort of coaching program centered on purposeful energy that interprets to their golf sport.

Sadly, most beginner golfers have a totally backward method on the subject of a golf weight coaching program and warming up correctly. To summarize methods to have essentially the most environment friendly exercises to enhance your golf sport rapidly, it is best to give attention to heavy weights and low reps to extend energy, carry out golf-specific mobility workout routines, and use gentle weights lifted rapidly to extend pace.

Be sure you make the most of totally different items of health club tools, corresponding to resistance bands and kettlebells, to maximise your features. One other main issue for maximizing your distance in golf is to heat up correctly. Static stretching has been confirmed to lower energy, whereas dynamic stretching and three max-effort jumps can drastically enhance energy.

In case you are utterly new to the health club, we suggest utilizing a private coach, a minimum of to start with, to indicate you methods to safely carry out the workout routines. 

Power coaching is essential to a golfer’s success. For extra nice exercises that may enhance your golf sport, take a look at these 5 Best Strength Programs, or SET FOR SET’s strength training program, designed to maximise your features.


Put together to maximise your energy with our unique 13-week energy coaching program. 3, 4, and 5 day per week programming choices.


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