Top 10 Symptoms of High Blood Pressure You Shouldn’t Ignore



Do you know that recognizing high blood pressure symptoms can probably save your life? Consciousness of the highest indicators of elevated blood pressure empowers you to hunt therapy and get your ranges beneath management earlier than issues come up.

This text will discover the ten most important signs that recommend your blood strain is increased than it ought to be.


One of the frequent complaints related to hypertension is headache ache. Hypertension will increase the strain on blood vessels in your head and neck, which might set off extreme complications.

Particularly, a hypertensive headache might really feel just like a boring, urgent sensation on either side of the top. The ache can prolong from the again of the top and neck to the entrance. These complications have a tendency to come back on within the morning and subside later within the day.

Don’t assume all complications are attributable to hypertension. Typical stress complications trigger comparable signs. However in the event you don’t often expertise complications and develop persistent ones mixed with different indicators on this checklist, get your physician to verify you out.

Imaginative and prescient Adjustments

Have you ever seen any adjustments in your sight, comparable to blurry, double, or imaginative and prescient loss? High blood pressure can injure the tiny arteries supplying the retina behind your eye with blood. That is referred to as hypertensive retinopathy.

The retina is accountable for sharp central imaginative and prescient, and harm to its blood vessels causes blurred or spotty imaginative and prescient. Retinal bleeding attributable to excessive strain may also result in floating spots in your field of regard. With out therapy, it’s possible you’ll finally lose your sight fully.

Chest Ache

Chest ache or discomfort is a attribute symptom of a number of extreme coronary heart points. Since hypertension strains your cardiovascular system, it might trigger chest ache, often called angina. Angina feels just like strain, tightness, burning, or aching within the chest. It might happen with bodily exertion and even at relaxation.

When you have very hypertension and expertise sudden, crushing chest ache, sweating, nausea, and radiating ache in your arm or jaw, you would be having a hypertensive crisis or coronary heart assault. Name 911 instantly.


girl having dizzinessDizziness is a typical impact of elevated blood strain. When your circulation is impaired, your mind receives much less oxygenated blood. This disruption manifests as bouts of lightheadedness, wooziness, or vertigo.

You might really feel off steadiness as in the event you’re in a spinning room. Dizziness attributable to hypertension tends to worsen when standing up after being seated. Such episodes sign that one thing is interfering with regular blood circulate.


Feeling worn out and very fatigued is commonly chalked as much as merely getting older or life stresses. However, analysis reveals that hypertension and extra fatigue go hand-in-hand. Why? Your cells want oxygen to supply vitality.

However when your blood strain is excessive, your coronary heart has to place much more effort into pushing blood by means of constricted vessels. This ends in full-body oxygen deprivation, leaving you feeling continuously drained and weak.


Facial flushing happens when blood vessels in your face all of a sudden dilate and change into engorged with blood. This response seems as reddening or blushing of the cheeks, nostril, brow, and chest. Flushing can occur randomly however can be triggered by stress, solar publicity, spicy meals, alcohol, and sizzling drinks.

These triggers all increase blood pressure briefly in these with hypertension. So, in the event you discover frequent flushing of the face and pores and skin, it might sign an underlying subject of chronically excessive strain.


Nosebleeds should not tremendous frequent with hypertension. Nonetheless, they will occur when delicate nasal blood vessels are broken and rupture simply. Bleeding from the nostrils tends to happen spontaneously or when blowing your nostril.

This symptom hyperlinks again to the pressure hypertension locations on arterial tissues. When you don’t often get nosebleeds however all of a sudden develop them, consider your blood strain.

Blood in Urine

Blood in your urine, or hematuria, is a critical hypertension symptom. When arteries within the kidneys are burdened attributable to hypertension, they change into weak and liable to rupturing and leaking blood into the urinary tract.

You might discover pink, crimson, or brown urine, generally referred to as cola-colored urine. The presence of blood signifies kidney harm and requires immediate medical consideration.

Irregular Heartbeat

Over time, the center has to alter its construction and performance to push towards the excessive arterial resistance brought on by hypertension. These adjustments abnormally stimulate your coronary heart’s electrical system, which ends up in arrhythmia or an irregular heartbeat.

It might sound as in case your coronary heart is racing, pounding, or fluttering unpredictably. A sensation of “flip-flopping” in your chest can be frequent with coronary heart palpitations.

Shortness of Breath

NC girl measuring blood pressureProblem respiration or shortness of breath can come up when hypertension congests the lungs with fluid. This pulmonary edema makes it powerful to fill your lungs absolutely, leading to labored respiration, wheezing, or gasping for air.

Mendacity down flat tends to worsen breathlessness. Swollen legs or coughing up frothy, blood-tinged sputum are different indicators lungs are congested attributable to hypertension.

Work with Imperial Heart Household to Handle Excessive Blood Stress

Hypertension is infamous for exhibiting no apparent signs because it damages your well being. Don’t wait till you expertise an emergency, comparable to chest pains or blood in your urine, to get your blood strain screened.

Make common checks a part of your routine care even in the event you really feel tremendous. When you develop any of those hypertension signs, don’t ignore them. Get checked out to find out if hypertension is the cause.

Imperial Center Family Medicine’s expert clinicians keep present on the newest analysis and therapy choices for hypertension. We companion with you to make way of life adjustments, discover the right remedy if wanted, and supply ongoing monitoring. Contact us at present at 919-873-4437 or on-line, and allow us to assist cut back your hypertension dangers.


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