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Jason Momoa is a formidable determine in Hollywood. Greatest identified for his superb beard and iconic roles as Khal Drogo in “Sport of Thrones” and Aquaman within the DC Universe, Momoa’s spectacular physique has left audiences in awe.

But it surely’s not simply good genetics which have formed him right into a cinematic powerhouse. It is his unwavering dedication to laborious exercises.  

On this article, we’ll embark on a journey to uncover the secrets and techniques behind Jason Momoa’s exercise routine, providing an unique glimpse into the grueling coaching and dietary selections which have helped him turn into an emblem of power and energy. So, for those who’re able to study the blueprint of a titan, be part of us as we delve into the world of Momoa’s health routine and dietary technique.

Desk of Contents:

  • Who’s Jason Momoa?
  • What’s the Jason Momoa Coaching Break up?
  • Jason Momoa Exercise Routine
  • Jason Momoa’s Weight loss plan Plan
  • Practice Like Jason Momoa
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Who’s Jason Momoa?

Jason Momoa is an actor, producer, and mannequin identified for his distinctive look and roles in numerous widespread movies and tv collection. Born on August 1, 1979, in Honolulu, Hawaii, he has a various background that features Native Hawaiian ancestry on his father’s aspect and German, Irish, and Native American heritage on his mom’s aspect. 

Momoa’s journey into appearing started together with his early curiosity in modeling, finally main him to a job on the tv present “Baywatch Hawaii” and a visitor look on “North Shore.” Nonetheless, his huge break got here when he was solid as Khal Drogo within the critically acclaimed HBO collection “Sport of Thrones,” a significant position that showcased his formidable bodily presence and appearing skills. This marked a major turning level in his profession, making him a family identify amongst followers of the present.

Following his success on “Sport of Thrones,” Jason Momoa expanded his appearing profession. He gained worldwide recognition when he took on the position of Aquaman. He made his debut as Aquaman within the movie “Batman v Superman: Daybreak of Justice” and continued to painting the character in “Justice League” and the standalone “Aquaman” movie. The latter turned a significant field workplace success, solidifying Momoa’s standing as a number one man on this planet of superhero movies. 

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What’s the Jason Momoa Coaching Break up?

At 6’4 and 235 kilos, Jason Momoa follows a standard bodybuilding 5-day training split the place he hits every muscle group as soon as per week.

Right here is the load coaching routine Jason and his coach Stuart Walton put collectively.

  • Monday: Chest
  • Tuesday: Again
  • Wednesday: Legs
  • Thursday: Useful and Core
  • Friday: Shoulders and Arms
  • Saturday and Sunday: Off

Nonetheless, the work within the fitness center is simply half of the Jason Momoa exercise routine. Though you’ll by no means guess it, in an interview with Males’s Well being, Momoa admits he does not take pleasure in lifting weights.

To him, it is only a means to an finish. If all he did was elevate within the fitness center, he would become bored with coaching fairly rapidly. To maintain issues attention-grabbing, Jason leans into his love of life-style sports activities. He routinely provides mountain biking, browsing, skateboarding, and mountain climbing into his weekly routine. The most effective factor about these actions is being outdoor whereas doing them.

A research from 2022 found that exercising exterior in nature improves your psychological well-being and power in comparison with exercising indoors1. With how a lot time most of us spend inside, any time we are able to take our exercises exterior, we have to take benefit.

jason momoa ar7 workout

The Jason Momoa AR-7 Exercise Routine

Anytime you talk about a Jason Momoa exercise routine, it wants to begin with an outline of AR-7, which stands for Accelerated Outcomes 7, a coaching routine that flies within the face of how individuals historically elevate to build muscle mass. As an alternative of heavy weights and lengthy relaxation durations for optimum efficiency, AR-7 requires the precise reverse. With an AR-7-inspired routine, you employ much less weight with virtually no relaxation, and you will nonetheless construct muscle mass.

Right here is the way it works: You begin by performing 7 units of seven reps with 7 seconds between every set. Then, you relaxation a minute or two earlier than performing 6 units of 6 reps with 6 seconds between every set. From there, you relaxation one other one to 2 minutes earlier than leaping into the final spherical. This time, you carry out 5 units of 5 reps with solely 5 seconds of relaxation. At this level, these 5 seconds are solely a few deep breaths. You barely even have time to depend.

The secret’s choosing the right weight. You need to begin lighter than you suppose to get the programmed reps in. When relaxation durations are that quick, fatigue builds up within the muscular tissues rapidly.

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Monday: Chest Day 

One factor that stands out about Jason’s chest day workout is the simplicity of train choice. You will not discover fancy machines or workouts, simply good old school iron and body weight actions. 

The primary motion of the day is the basic barbell bench press. Nonetheless, in contrast to how most individuals method the bench, Jason does not care how a lot weight he can elevate. 

Subsequent up is one other barbell basic, the barbell incline bench press. Placing the bench at an incline shifts the main target to the higher pecs. After three rounds of AR-7 coaching on the incline barbell press, he switches to a pair of dumbbells for extra incline work. 

Jason finishes his chest exercise with two body weight actions. The primary is a pushup, performing 100 reps earlier than shifting on to dips. Dips are one in all Momoa’s favourite workouts. To hit the chest, he leans ahead whereas performing the motion to emphasise the chest greater than the triceps.

 Carry out every train aside from push-ups utilizing the AR-7 model.

  1. Barbell Bench Press
  2. Incline Barbell Bench Press
  3. Incline Dumbbell Press
  4. Push ups
  5. Chest Targeted Dips 

    Tuesday: Again Day 

    Jason Momoa’s back day workout is so simple as it will get. Much like his chest exercise, there isn’t any fluff in Jason’s again day both. 

    The exercise begins with three variations of pullups and chin-ups. First up is a large grip pullup with an overhand grip (palms dealing with away from you). Subsequent is a chin-up with an underhand grip (palms dealing with towards you). The chin-up is nice as a result of the underhand grip shifts additional emphasis on the biceps, making it an underrated arm motion along with constructing your again. Earlier than shifting away from the pullup bar, end with close-grip pullups with an overhand grip.

    By this level, your lats must be on hearth. The again exercise ends with a seated cable row adopted by a barbell row. 

    Carry out every train utilizing the AR-7 model.

    1. Extensive Grip Pull up
    2. Underhand Chin-up
    3. Shut Grip Pull up
    4. Seated Pulley Row
    5. Barbell Row 

      Wednesday: Leg Day

      Wednesday is leg day. Jason’s leg day begins with 100 reps of body weight squats. Air squats are surprisingly difficult, particularly once you do a ton of quantity like Momoa. 

      After 100 reps of air squats, his decrease physique is warmed up and prepared for extra. The second motion is arguably the perfect hamstring-building train, the stiff leg deadlift. The stiff leg deadlift shifts nearly all the strain onto your posterior chain, primarily the decrease again, and hamstrings. To keep away from damage, preserve your again straight whereas getting a very good stretch on the backside. 

      The third train is a barbell again squat. The mixture of stiff leg deadlifts and barbell squats is a one-two punch that delivers glorious lower-body outcomes. 

      To assist keep “purposeful” for motion film roles, Jason concludes his decrease physique exercise with some bounce squats. 

      Carry out every train aside from air squats utilizing the AR-7 model.

      1. Air Squats
      2. Stiff Leg Deadlift
      3. Barbell Again Squat
      4. Soar Squat 

        Thursday: Useful and Core Day

        Thursday is a lighter day, however do not mistake that for being straightforward. The Thursday coaching session is a purposeful full-body routine.

        The day begins with medication ball slams. Jason performs these as explosively as doable whereas following the AR-7 quick relaxation interval protocol. The second motion is one in all Jason’s favorites, the kettlebell swing. Jason loves kettlebells as a result of he can take them touring, use them exterior, and do a variety of unconventional actions. 

        After kettlebell swings, he does burpees and leapfrogs. The leapfrog is a singular motion you may not have heard of earlier than. To carry out the leapfrog, begin standing with toes shoulder-width aside. Squat down, then explosively bounce ahead, swinging your arms for momentum. Whereas in mid-air, lengthen your legs and attain your arms ahead. Land softly in a squat place and instantly spring ahead into the subsequent leapfrog, sustaining a fluid movement.

        The session ends with a couple of forty-yard all-out sprints.  

        Carry out every train utilizing the AR-7 model.

        1. Medication Ball Slam
        2. Kettlebell Swing
        3. Burpee
        4. Leapfrog
        5. Sprints (40 yards)  

          Friday: Shoulders and Arms Day

          The final exercise of the week is a shoulders and arms routine. Having huge shoulders and arms is a prerequisite for a physique like Aquaman.

          Friday’s train routine is all about constructing muscle and looking out jacked. The coaching session begins with a barbell overhead press. The barbell OHP is a basic shoulder builder. Subsequent up is dips. In contrast to on Monday, when Jason leans ahead to give attention to the chest, this time, he stays upright to maintain the strain on the triceps. He follows dips up with diamond pushups.

          To do a diamond pushup, convey your palms shut collectively, forming a diamond along with your thumbs and index fingers. The elevate ends with dumbbell curls and dumbbell triceps extensions. He typically throws some band work into the routine as properly.

          Carry out every train utilizing the AR-7 model.

          1. Barbell Army Press
          2. Triceps Targeted Dips
          3. Diamond Push ups
          4. Dumbbell Curls
          5. Dumbbell Triceps Extensions  

            Jason Momoa Weight loss plan Plan

            Earlier than we dig into the Jason Momoa aquaman food regimen, it is vital to level out that he struggles with maintaining a healthy diet, identical to you. Getting abs is a problem no matter whether or not you’re a film star, athlete, or weekend warrior. Getting lean requires self-discipline and dedication. That mentioned, Jason has a couple of methods to remain strict on his food regimen.  

            One, since fats loss is all about energy in versus energy out, he saves energy for his favourite beverage – beer. Sure, you learn that proper. Whereas weight-reduction plan for Aquaman, Momoa drank beer almost day by day! His favourite post-workout drink is Guinness beer. As well as, after filming a film and present, has been identified to indulge, We’re not even speaking cheat days right here – the star can have cheat months coming off strict consuming!

            Now, I do not essentially advocate consuming beer day by day or partaking in cheat months, though, hey, it really works for Jason. However I counsel permitting room in your food regimen to eat objects you take pleasure in. A food regimen does not must be restricted to meat and veggies to be efficient. 

            Should you construct your food regimen round 80-90% high protein protein low fat foots, advanced carbs, veggies, and wholesome fat, you’ve got room for a couple of treats.

            Right here is Jason Momoa’s muscle constructing food regimen plan.



            Meal #1 (Pre-Exercise)

            2 slices whole-grain bread
            2 tbsp peanut butter
            1 tbsp honey
            1 cup watermelon
            1 cup blueberries

            Meal #2 (Submit-Exercise)

            8 oz tuna steaks
            1 cup spinach
            1/2 avocado
            Guiness beer

            Meal #3

            10 oz sirloin steak
            1 cup spinach
            1 tbsp olive oil

            Meal #4

            8 oz hen breast
            1 cup spinach
            1/2 avocado
            Guinness beer

            The overall day by day energy and macronutrients Momoa ate are damaged down as follows:

            • Energy: 2445 
            • Protein: 200g
            • Carbohydrates: 175g
            • Fats: 105g  

            Understand that his precise calorie content material could be a little bit bit larger than this on account of alcohol consumption. Alcohol incorporates seven energy per gram. Jason eats fewer carbs to account for the beer.

            jason momoa eats steak

            Practice Like Jason Momoa

            If you wish to practice like Jason, you’ve got two choices. Choice one is following the coaching routine outlined above phrase for phrase. Choice two is utilizing his three predominant ideas and incorporating them into your present routine.  

            Precept #1: Quick Relaxation Intervals 

            One of many calling playing cards of Jason Momoa’s exercise plan is the quick relaxation durations. Utilizing quick relaxation durations is a strategy to improve the quantity of labor you get executed in a brief interval. Plus, the restricted muscular tissues relaxation is a special stimulus than most of us are used to.

            Incorporate one train per session the place you’re taking lower than ten seconds of relaxation between units. Or, even higher, use the AR-7 system for one motion. 

            jason momoa's aquaman diet

            Precept #2: Stick with the Fundamental Workout routines 

            With the quantity of health data obtainable at the moment, it is simple to get misplaced within the particulars. One of the crucial complicated particulars surrounds train choice to construct muscle. The reality is, your physique does not care what varieties of workouts you do.

            All of them work—barbells, dumbbells, machines, cables, band work, physique weight, and so on. Pressure is stress. That mentioned, it is laborious to beat the fundamentals. Construct every coaching session round barbell actions and compound lifts. The bench press, squat, overhead barbell press, stiff leg deadlift, and barbell row are Jason’s favorites. 

            jason momoa fitness

            Precept #3: Get Exterior and Play 

            One space of health that usually must be emphasised extra is enjoyment. It does not all must be doing muscle constructing train after train. Be daring and take your health exterior. It does not should be structured; play such as you did as a child.

            Life-style sports activities like mountain climbing, browsing, mountain biking, and skateboarding are enjoyable methods to sneak extra exercise into your day. 

            jason momoa aquaman diet


            Listed below are a couple of widespread questions and solutions about Jason Momoa we did not cowl but.

            Did Jason Momoa play soccer?

            Though his physique definitely seems to be prefer it, no, Jason Momoa didn’t play American soccer. He did, nevertheless, play soccer in highschool. 

            What does Jason Momoa eat for breakfast?

            For breakfast, Jason loves peanut butter and honey sandwiches with fruit. Nonetheless, he typically contains protein powder, too, as a result of breakfast is a pre exercise meal.

            What’s the 7 by 7 exercise plan?

            The 7 by 7 routine is Jason Momoa’s AR-7 system that begins with 7 units of seven reps with 7 seconds of relaxation between every set.

            How a lot weight can Jason Momoa elevate?

            Opposite to widespread perception, Jason Momoa does not practice closely like a powerlifter. As an alternative, he prefers to go lighter with minimal relaxation durations. That mentioned, at over 235 lbs, he may nonetheless throw some heavy iron round if he needed to. 

            Does Jason Momoa prefer to work out?

            No, Jason Momoa doesn’t like lifting weights, however he does it anyway.

            What does Jason Momoa do for cardio?  

            Jason Momoa does treadmill sprints, hill sprints, skateboarding, browsing, and boxing for cardio. He additionally likes to take his mountain bike out on the paths.

            jason momoa workouts

            The Jason Momoa Exercise Routine: Ultimate Takeaways 

            Jason Momoa’s exercise and food regimen plan is a shining instance of dedication and laborious work. His journey from a budding actor to a famend superhero icon showcases the facility of dedication to your craft.

            Whether or not you are impressed by his on-screen roles or search a more healthy life-style, Momoa’s routine affords invaluable classes. As we have delved into his health and diet plan, keep in mind that attaining a robust and wholesome physique is an attainable purpose for anybody keen to place within the effort. All that’s left so that you can do is get began!

            Occupied with studying about one other movie star’s coaching routine? Take a look at the Chris Hemsworth Workout Routine! 

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            Some images courtesy of Jason Momoa’s Instagram


            1. Wicks, C., Barton, J., Orbell, S., & Andrews, L. (2022). Psychological advantages of out of doors bodily exercise in pure versus city environments: A scientific overview and meta‐evaluation of experimental research. Utilized Psychology: Well being and Effectively-Being, https://doi.org/10.1111/aphw.12353


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