12 Worst Muscle Building Mistakes You Might Be Making



The web is a superb factor, with all the data we may ever want proper at our fingertips. With the overabundance of data accessible on the easy click on of a button, it could actually be straightforward to get misplaced in a whirlwind of conflicting recommendation and misinformation.

When studying extra about constructing muscle, it may be difficult to know what’s reality and what’s a lie. Amidst the ocean of health blogs, social media influencers, and flashy commercials promising fast beneficial properties, separating fact from fiction turns into daunting.

To save lots of you a while and a bunch of clicking, I put collectively this information to interrupt down a few of the most typical muscle-building errors I see and the right way to keep away from them.

The 12 Worst Muscle Constructing Errors

1. Skipping Compound Workouts:

Compound exercises, like squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, and bench presses, type the muse of any effective muscle-building program. These actions are nice at partaking a number of muscle teams concurrently, resulting in potential for larger total muscle activation and progress.

Sadly, too many individuals neglect compound workout routines in favor of isolation actions, limiting their progress and stopping them from realizing their full potential. A examine was revealed in 2017 that got here to the conclusion there wasn’t an enormous distinction in muscle achieve when it got here to compound actions vs single-joint workout routines.¹ Whereas this will likely seem to be an argument in opposition to compound workout routines, the identical examine discovered that the multi-joint workout routines really had a larger enhance in power, and a stronger muscle has the potential to be a much bigger muscle.

Isolation actions are greatest completed after compound actions when your physique is beginning to tire and you wish to emphasize a selected muscle group extra.

Private Coach Tip: In the event you’re simply beginning out within the health club, I like to recommend hiring a coach to show you the correct type for the key compound actions. This gives you one much less purpose to skip compound actions and reduce your danger of damage.

2. Overtraining:


Understanding daily might seem to be the very best and quickest approach to see outcomes, and whereas consistency is essential for muscle progress, there is a high quality line between difficult your self and overtraining. After I first began coaching, I believed this, too. I’d work out each day no matter how sore or unhealthy I felt.

Pushing your physique previous its limits with out ample relaxation and restoration may end up in fatigue, muscle soreness, and an elevated danger of damage. The best methods to prevent overtraining are to take heed to your physique’s indicators, deal with relaxation days, and permit for ample restoration between exercises.

One other nice choice I like to recommend is incorporating deload weeks into your coaching program. These weeks are decrease depth and quantity than your common programming to assist stop burnout and promote long-term progress.

Private Coach Tip: I do know I am beginning to burn out each time I am extremely drained, however I can not sleep at night time. Some indicators to search for for those who’re experiencing burnout are fatigue, temper swings, low motivation, exhaustion, and poor sleep cycles.

3. Not Growing The Resistance:

not increasing resistance

I see too many individuals go to the health club, do a set, sit on their telephones for twenty minutes, then do one other set of the very same weight. These identical individuals by no means see progress, by no means enhance the weights they do, and surprise why they are not seeing outcomes. 

I perceive that pushing your self could be scary and uncomfortable within the second. However if you wish to see outcomes, you need to push your physique. Progressive overload is one of the best ways to hit muscle hypertrophy, which is the gradual enhance in rigidity positioned on the muscle mass over time. 

Private Coach Tip: Most individuals suppose the one approach to hit progressive overload is to persistently enhance weight as soon as it turns into simpler. Nevertheless, a number of methods to problem your muscle mass embody elevated reps, units, or intensified coaching strategies. A easy instance of this might be doing a set of squats at 135lbs for 8 reps, the following week doing the identical weight for 9 reps, the next week 10 reps. Whereas it is a tremendous simplified instance, it simply reveals you ways straightforward it’s to include into your exercises.

I’d additionally advocate conserving your break time between units to a minimal, solely resting lengthy sufficient to catch your breath and let your muscle mass get well. Your exercises ought to be difficult each time. If it is feeling simpler, time to vary issues up.

4. Poor Diet:

junk food

The most effective half about constructing muscle? The exercises. You get to go to the health club, hit the weights laborious, after which go house when you’re completed. Sadly, constructing muscle requires way more than simply lifting weights; it additionally calls for having correct macro and micro vitamin to gasoline restoration and restore.

A weight loss plan wealthy in lean protein, complicated carbohydrates, wholesome fat, and micronutrients helps muscle progress and optimizes efficiency, so deal with complete, nutrient-dense meals. For an instance, try our article about what to eat on a 7-day Bodybuilder Meal Plan.

Private Coach Tip: Diet is so necessary that I’ve a few suggestions right here. The largest tip I can provide you is to meal prep and put together forward of time, which helps to make sure you’re assembly your dietary wants persistently and lowering the chance of consuming junk. 

In the event you’re simply beginning, do not go loopy and remove the whole lot unhealthy out of your on a regular basis life. As an alternative, begin by reducing out one factor at a time and changing it with a superb behavior. For instance, as a substitute of utterly revamping your weight loss plan, begin by incorporating a protein-rich snack, like Greek yogurt or a protein shake, into your post-workout routine. 

This straightforward change permits you to enhance your protein consumption with out overwhelming your self with drastic dietary modifications. 

5. Inconsistent Coaching:

training consistency

Life could be loopy with jobs, children, vital others, and the hundred different issues we most likely must get completed. With all of this stuff happening, it may be straightforward to say, “screw this,” and never work out like it’s best to. 

It’s simpler mentioned than completed, however consistency in your coaching is important when constructing muscle. Set up a schedule that matches your life-style and objectives to keep away from inconsistent coaching. I additionally advocate that you just deal with having higher-quality exercises over amount. 

Private Coach Tip: When life will get further loopy, I’d advocate prioritizing quick, intense exercises over longer periods. This not solely removes the excuse of not having sufficient time however, when completed accurately, also can present extra outcomes than a half-assed exercise.

Excessive-intensity interval coaching (HIIT) and circuit coaching are nice choices for maximizing muscle activation and calorie burn for these quick exercises. We’ve 5 Kettlebell workouts accessible, with the longest taking 43 minutes and the shortest a blistering quarter-hour.

6. Not Monitoring Progress:

gym notebook

With out monitoring your exercises and progress, it is like attempting to navigate a maze blindfolded. Given sufficient time, you would possibly bump into the exit, nevertheless it’s most likely going to take you a complete lot longer and be far more irritating. 

With out monitoring your exercises and progress, it is difficult to gauge your enhancements and make needed changes to your coaching program. So, conserving an in depth coaching log permits you to monitor lifts, reps, units, and progress over time, serving to you determine tendencies, strengths, and areas you’ll want to deal with for enchancment. 

Private Coach Tip: I am an enormous fan of building a system for monitoring your exercises, whether or not utilizing a smartphone app, pocket book, or only a easy spreadsheet, identical to the one yow will discover in our Arnold Split workout.

I’d begin by recording key metrics corresponding to weights lifted, repetitions carried out, and subjective measures like depth and fatigue. Assessment your progress commonly and modify your coaching program to maintain the muscle beneficial properties coming. And what higher approach to try this, then with our confirmed hypertrophy exercise plan under.

hypertrophy program

Put together to maximise your beneficial properties with our unique 12-week hypertrophy coaching program. Select between a 4 or 5 day coaching cut up and achieve 2-12 kilos of muscle over 90 days…

7. Ignoring Correct Type:

improper form

Sacrificing type for the sake of slapping on extra 45-pound plates would possibly make you’re feeling like Superman, however imagine me once I say that it is actually a one-way ticket to Damage Metropolis. Not solely does sloppy type enhance your danger of damage, nevertheless it additionally steals away these candy beneficial properties you are working so laborious to realize.

Poor type may end up in muscle imbalances, joint pressure, and decreased muscle activation, limiting progress potential. To keep away from this error, it’s best to deal with having correct type and approach for every train. 

Begin with lighter weights and regularly enhance the load as you enhance your type and power. This method may not really feel as spectacular as squatting a small automotive, however belief me, your muscle mass will thanks for it. 

Private Coach Tip: Swallowing your delight and utilizing lighter weights to excellent your type will repay large time in the long term. Bear in mind, it is not about how a lot weight you raise—it is about how properly you raise it.

To the newbies, take into account working with a private coach to examine that you just carry out workout routines accurately and safely. We additionally advocate checking our intensive listing of exercise guides for full breakdowns.

8. Lack of Sleep:

importance of sleep

Sleep is not only for recharging your batteries; sleep is a critical part of the muscle-building process, serving because the time to relaxation, get well, and develop. Throughout sleep, your physique releases progress hormones and repairs broken muscle tissue, waking you up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

In the event you’re somebody who likes to burn the midnight oil most of the time, you are doing all your beneficial properties a disservice. Power sleep deprivation is a complete social gathering pooper for muscle restoration, efficiency, and total well being. Belief me, you do not need your muscle mass feeling like they have been hit by a freight prepare come morning.

Private Coach Tip: To keep away from shedding muscle beneficial properties because of this foolish mistake, I like to recommend focusing in your sleep hygiene and aiming for seven to 9 hours of sleep per night time. The most effective recommendation I can provide for constructing a constant sleep schedule is to create a calming bedtime routine. 

I like taking an Epsom Salt bathtub and studying a e-book to chill out and get my physique prepared for mattress. Others swear by magnesium supplements.

9. Too A lot Cardio:

intense cardio

Let me be clear about one thing, CARDIO DOES NOT KILL GAINS. Cardio can do wonders to your total well being and health, however, going overboard also can throw a wrench in your muscle-building plans. These lengthy cardio periods would possibly torch energy however also can burn by the dear power your muscle mass must develop and get well. As an alternative of hitting that second or third cardio session of the day, take a while and let your muscles recover.

Private Coach Tip: You wish to discover that candy spot between cardio and pumping iron. Positive, get your coronary heart pumping with some cardio often, however do not forget to provide your muscle mass some consideration, too. 

Deal with resistance coaching to construct muscle and power, and sprinkle in high-intensity interval coaching (HIIT) for a cardio enhance that will not sacrifice these hard-earned beneficial properties. 

10. Stress Administration:


Power stress is not only a buzzkill to your temper; it is just like the Achilles Heel to your muscle mass, too. When stress ranges undergo the roof, so do these cortisol ranges, triggering chaos in your physique. Which positively is just not the recipe for constructing these candy muscle mass.

One of the best ways to fight stress is by taking good care of your self. You can begin by including stress-reducing actions like meditation, deep respiratory workout routines, or indulging in good old school leisure time. These easy additions to your each day routine can work wonders for conserving your beneficial properties on monitor and pleased. Some individuals have additionally turned to dietary supplements like Ashwagandha, which is thought to be an adaptogen.

Private Coach Tip: DON’T simply deal with your self-care as an afterthought; make it a compulsory a part of your routine. Prioritize the issues that make you content and convey you peace, whether or not mindfulness practices, leisure strategies, or hobbies that mild you up inside. 

I get pleasure from taking part in pickleball in my free time, and I can virtually assure that I will be extra relaxed and carefree by the tip of the session. So go forward and provides your self permission to unwind and recharge. 

11. Insufficient Hydration:

importance of hydration

What are the upsides of correct hydration? It’s important for optimum muscle operate, efficiency, and restoration. The one draw back? Having to pee always. 

Being dehydrated can impair muscular endurance, power, and nutrient supply, lowering your capability to carry out at your greatest throughout exercises. To stop this, intention to drink loads of water all through the day, particularly earlier than, throughout, and after train. 

I’d additionally advocate paying shut consideration to indicators of dehydration, corresponding to thirst, dry mouth, and darkish urine. 

Private Coach Tip: I’ve purchasers always complaining about getting uninterested in simply consuming plain water on a regular basis. I like to recommend including sugar-free water flavorings, Mio, or an electrolyte supplement to their water to maintain that from taking place. 

It provides just a little pleasure to consuming water, particularly when attempting to drink the each day really useful quantity of three,000 ml for males and a couple of,200 ml for ladies.²

12. Relying Solely on Dietary supplements:

collection of supplements

Earlier than I begin this, do not get me improper. I really like utilizing dietary supplements as a lot as the following health club dude, however let’s not overlook that actual meals is the place the magic occurs. Positive, dietary supplements can lend a serving to hand in supporting muscle progress and restoration, however they’re no match for the micro and macronutrients present in complete meals.

So do not fall into the lure of pondering that chugging protein shakes and popping tablets is all it takes to get swole. 

Private Coach Tip: There are such a lot of dietary supplements available on the market that it may be laborious to determine what’s price including to your routine and what’s snake oil. For many of my purchasers, I solely advocate taking a couple of issues. 

high-quality protein powder, a complete multivitamin, and creatine monohydrate. The whole lot else outdoors of these is good to have however not needed.


Constructing muscle is not nearly hitting the health club and chugging protein shakes—it is a life-style. It is like attempting to construct a home; you want a stable basis, a blueprint, and a bunch of sweat and elbow grease.

Now that you’ve the instruments and the data, it is time to put all of it into motion. However I will not sugarcoat it for you: this journey is not all the time clean crusing. So, maintain grinding, maintain hustling, and do not forget that being on this journey is simply as necessary as the ultimate vacation spot!


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