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In a skincare world the place each product guarantees to show the clock again 20 years, have you ever ever questioned what anti-aging substances DON’T work? I began asking myself this query the day I noticed my first crow’s ft.

I used to be in my toilet, washing my face as common. I glanced nonchalantly on the mirror and froze. What the heck have been these wonderful strains round my eyes?! Absolutely, they couldn’t have been wrinkles? I used to be nonetheless in my late 20s, means too early for even the tiniest of wonderful strains. Or so I assumed. As a result of wrinkles don’t await an invite earlier than displaying up in your face.

And so it began. My quest to destroy these pesky wrinkles and get my easy pores and skin again. It took me on some darkish paths the place I met witches and charlatans that bought me anti-aging potions that promised miracles however didn’t even make the tiniest dent in my wrinkles.

It wasn’t till science shone a lightweight on my path that I actually found the 5 anti-aging superstars that really deliver. However that’s a narrative for an additional time.

Right this moment, I need to warn you concerning the anti-aging substances that DON’T work. Those that declare to do wonders in your pores and skin however they only make you poorer. The charlatans that bought them to you giggle all the way in which to the financial institution when you’re questioning in the event you’re utilizing them fallacious.

These days are over. Earlier than investing even yet another cent in one other anti-aging potion, try this brief information on anti-aging substances that don’t work. It’ll prevent each cash and heartache.

How Does Pores and skin Age?

It is a sophisticated course of, however I’ll attempt to clarify it as merely as I presumably can. There are two major causes of growing older: intrinsic growing older and extrinsic growing older.

Intrinsic growing older is a flowery means of claiming pure growing older. Once you’re younger, your pores and skin produces all of the collagen, elastin, and antioxidants it wants to remain naturally younger and wholesome. It additionally exfoliates itself by itself, giving your complexion a youthful glow. However, as you begin to get older, these processes decelerate. Your pores and skin takes longer to exfoliate, it produces much less collagen… You get the drill.

Extrinsic growing older is the untimely growing older attributable to exterior components, together with unprotected solar publicity, an unhealthy food regimen, air pollution, smoking… all the standard suspects. Every considered one of them generates free radicals in your physique. Free radicals search out collagen and elastin, destroy mobile DNA… all issues that trigger untimely wrinkles and promoting.

The unhealthy information? You possibly can’t cease intrinsic growing older.

The excellent news? Intrinsic growing older solely accounts for 10% of untimely growing older. Extrinsic growing older is responsible for the remaining 90% – and there’s a lot you are able to do to forestall and sluggish it down. Like maintaining a healthy diet. Carrying sunscreen on daily basis. Give up smoking. And utilizing anti-aging actives that work.

What Makes An Anti-Growing old Ingredient Work?

The skincare world is full with anti-aging actives that promise to cut back wrinkles and tighten free pores and skin (nothing you apply topically can do the latter, by the way in which). However most of them don’t have what it takes to do the job. For an anti-aging ingredient to work, it should:

  • Be confirmed to work in people: It’s unbelievable what number of skincare actives are confirmed to work on mice or in-vitro (on a Petri dish), however not on actual people.
  • Be capable of penetrate pores and skin: Don’t consider the BS that something you set in your pores and skin penetrates pores and skin. If that have been true, you could possibly get your treatment by making use of a topical cream as an alternative of ingesting a capsule. Your pores and skin’s protecting barrier does an impressive job at protecting stuff out of the physique. Most anti-aging substances don’t work as a result of they keep on prime of your pores and skin, unable to penetrate it.
  • They will’t activate anti-aging processes: Even when an lively can penetrate pores and skin, it doesn’t imply it might probably go precisely the place it must go to activate the anti-aging course of. These are very sophisticated processes and there are such a lot of layers of pores and skin, cells to penetrate and many others… Getting an anti-aging ingredient to go the place it must go to do its magic may be very arduous – therefore why most celebrities nonetheless go beneath the knife. Simply saying…

What Are The Anti-Growing old Elements That Don’t Work?

There are 4 anti-aging substances that don’t work. Okay, there are extra. However these 4 are tremendous widespread and I don’t need you to fall for the hype and waste your cash on them. So let’s begin right here. Right here’s what it is advisable keep away from:

dhc astaxanthin collagen all in one gel

1. Collagen


Collagen is the protein that retains your pores and skin agency. However, as quickly as you flip 21, you begin dropping 1% collagen a yr. When you hit menopause, the depletion speed up. At first, the loss is so small, you may hardly see it in your pores and skin. However because the years go, and the harm accumulates, your pores and skin begins to sag.


If collagen retains pores and skin agency, and lack of collagen makes it sag, it naturally follows that changing misplaced collagen can agency pores and skin and reverse, or no less than, stop sagging, proper? RIGHT? Oh, if solely skincare have been that straightforward…


Collagen is a really large molecule. Too large to penetrate your pores and skin. It sits comfortably on its floor, refusing to get in. And if it might probably’t get in, it might probably’t attain and activate these facilities in your cells that agency pores and skin.

Collagen drinks don’t work that nicely, both. Your physique wants collagen for all the things. So if you drink collagen, most of it would go to your joints and different locations that want it most. Solely a sprinkle can be used to agency pores and skin. That’s not an enormous precedence in your physique as it’s for you. *sighs*

So is collagen ineffective? Not fully. Collagen is moisturising and that’s one thing it might probably do even whereas it stays on the floor of your pores and skin. When pores and skin is well-moisturises, pores and skin is softer, smoother, and plumper so wonderful strains and wrinkles look smaller. However they aren’t. Don’t be fooled!


  1. Eat it: Muscle and physique organs have loads of collagen, so in the event you’re a meat eater, you’re all settled. If not, no worries. You don’t must compromise your beliefs to keep away from wrinkles. Your physique could make collagen by itself. It simply wants a serving to hand from vitamin C. Munch on strawberries and oranges and also you’ll be wonderful.
  2. Put on sunscreen: UV rays are the primary explanation for collagen loss (and every other pores and skin woe you’re experiencing). Your pure collagen will deplete much more slowly in the event you put on sunscreen each single day, rain or shine.
  3. Use retinol, vitamin C + copper peptides: These skincare superstars all assist enhance collagen manufacturing. Try my fave collagen-boosting products here.


  • NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum 3:1 (£38.00): In contrast to the previous variations of this serums, you don’t have to combine it your self. It really works out of the field and retains pores and skin in a continuing state of restore, ensuring all the things works because it ought to. The consequence? Your greatest pores and skin day, on daily basis. Obtainable at Beauty BayCult BeautyNiod, and SpaceNK
  • Paula’s Selection 1% Retinol Booster ($52.00): This high-strength 1% retinol booster has a moisturising base and loads of skin-soothers to counteract the irritating results of retinol. Apply it to its personal for optimum impact or dilute it with moisturiser if it’s too harsh for you. Obtainable at Cult BeautyNet-A-PorterPaula’s Choice and SpaceNK.
  • Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM ($65.00): A micro encapsulated 1.5% retinol serum in an oily, moisturising base to struggle wrinkles and fade away darkish spots. Obtainable at Beauty BayCult Beauty, and Peter Thomas Roth.

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2. Elastin


Elastin is the protein that retains pores and skin elastic. It helps it return to its unique place when it’s pinched. However, like collagen, it depletes with age, resulting in untimely wrinkles. Additional time, as an alternative of going again to its unique place, pores and skin creates wrinkles alongside the strains the place it was stretched. *sighs*


Similar as collagen. If lack of elastin contributes to wrinkles, then including elastin again in might help hold your pores and skin elastic for longer. You’ve guessed it, it’s not that straightforward.


Similar as collagen. Elastin’s too large to penetrate the pores and skin. If it might probably’t penetrate pores and skin, it might probably’t substitute the elastin you’ve misplaced. It’s so simple as that. And that’s why so few actives really assist with anti-aging. It’s actually arduous for an ingredient to penetrate pores and skin that deep to affect organic anti-aging processes.

Nonetheless, elastin will not be fully ineffective. Similar to collagen, it stays on prime of your pores and skin and moisturizes it. It’s a trick that makes wonderful strains and wrinkles look smaller for a couple of hours, however it doesn’t scale back their measurement and depth.


  1. Eat sensible: Fruits wealthy in vitamin C, lean meats with amino acids, and something with omega 3 – reminiscent of nuts, salmon and avocado – make your physique produce extra elastin.
  2. Put on sunscreen: Sure, once more. I’m a damaged file in terms of sunscreen, for a cause. UV rays destroy all the things, together with elastin. The extra diligent you’re with sunscreen software, the extra harm you may stop within the first place.


  • Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte Bodily Every day Protection SPF 30 ($36.00): A tinted mineral sunscreen that protects you from all UV rays with out leaving a white solid behind. Greatest appropriate for dry pores and skin. Obtainable at BootsCult BeautySpaceNK, and Ulta.
  • Paula’s Selection Protection Important Glow Moisturiser SPF30 ($26.40): Appropriate for all pores and skin sorts, this tinted mineral sunscreen offers broad spectrum safety, fights untimely wrinkles, and dries to a luminous end. Obtainable at Cult BeautyPaula’s ChoiceSephoraSelfridges, and SpaceNK.
  • Supergoop! Mineral Mattescreen SPF 40 ($38.00): A mineral sunscreen that gives broad-spectrum safety and dries to a silky matte end. It additionally minimises the look o pores. It’s greatest appropriate for greasy and mixture pores and skin. Obtainable at Blue MercuryNordstromRevolve, and Ulta.

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3. Stem Cells


Stem cells are mom cells with the potential to change into any kind of cell in that organism. They then reproduce and make extra of these cells. For instance, apple stem cells can change into branches, leaves, fruits… Human stem cells can change into organs and, at some point, be probably used for transplants.


Technically, from a human stem cells, you may regenerate whole well-functioning organs. So, these stems cells might probably flip into more healthy, younger-looking pores and skin. And at some point, this may occasionally possible occur. For now, we’re nonetheless within the realms of science fiction.


The most typical kind of stem cells utilized in cosmetics is apple stem cells. Tright here’s no means an apple stem cell can flip into human pores and skin. And if they can’t do that, how can they rejuvenate skin? Plant stem cells are antioxidants. They aid you struggle free radicals, however don’t clarify something greater than that.

However how about human stem cells? These received’t work, both. Stem cells have to be alive to work their magic. Put them right into a cream, they’ll die fairly rapidly. Possibly at some point we’ll have the expertise to make human stem cells work. For now, they’re just about ineffective in skincare merchandise.


Use an antioxidant-rich serum: Stem cells are simply glorified antioxidants that value an arm and a leg. Through the use of a regular antioxidant serum, you’ll save fairly a bit of cash and stave wrinkles off too.


  • MaeLove Glow Booster ($27.95): The most affordable Vitamin C serum on this checklist, it does all the things the others do, however it comprises a citrus extract which may be irritating for delicate pores and skin. Obtainable at Maelove.
  • Paula’s Selection C15 Booster ($46.75): It’s enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and glycerin to deeply hydrate pores and skin. Obtainable at Cult BeautyDermstoreNet-A-PorterPaula’s ChoiceSephora, and SpaceNK.
  • Skinceuticals CE Ferulic ($169.00): The unique Vitamin C serum, it prices an arm and a leg, however it works wonders and delivers what it guarantees. Obtainable at Dermstore and Skinceuticals.

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4. EGF


EGF is brief for Epidermal Development Components. Naturally current in your physique, they’re massive proteins your cells make to ship messages to different cells about therapeutic and development. When these “signaling proteins bind to receptors on cell surfaces, they will ship instructions to copy, restore, and rejuvenate,” says New York City dermatologist Estee Williams. However, as all issues, they deplete with age.


They stimulate cell development, enhance collagen manufacturing and thickness, and help skin repair itself. All issues your pores and skin wants to remain younger.


Effectively, they form of do. It’s their security, or higher lack of it, that acquired them on this checklist. Right here’s the deal. EGF’s job is to assist cells proliferate. So, when you’ve got any pre-cancerous cells or cancerous lesions in your pores and skin, EGF will make them multiply.

Let’s be clear. EGF don’t trigger most cancers. No less than, there’s no proof they do. However, they might help most cancers, or pre-cancerous cells, unfold. Drawback is, we don’t all the time know we’ve got pre-cancerous cells. For those who do and you utilize it, you could possibly find yourself in bother.

A derm I spoke to final month stated that’s why analysis on them has been quietly dropped (but, you may nonetheless discover merchandise with EGF promoting at Harrods for a small fortune!).


Use retinol: Retinol and different types of vitamin A can enhance collagen manufacturing and thicken pores and skin, too. In the event that they don’t agree along with your pores and skin, they’ll simply make it flake. I’ll take that over the chance of most cancers any day.


  • Paula’s Selection Resist Wrinkle Restore Retinol Serum ($42.00): An anti-aging serum with 0.1% retinol. It additionally consists of antioxidants, like Vitamin E, to forestall untimely growing older, and soothing substances to cut back irritations. Obtainable at Paula’s Choice and Sephora.
  • Skinceuticals Retinol 0.3 Evening Cream ($62.00): This cream comprises solely 0.3% retinol however it packs an anti-aging punch. It is available in a moisturising base, however it is advisable use a separate moisturiser to counteract the dryness of retinol. Obtainable at Dermstore and Skinceuticals.
  • Paula’s Selection 1% Retinol Booster ($52.00): This high-strength 1% retinol booster has a moisturising base and loads of skin-soothers to counteract the irritating results of retinol. Apply it to its personal for optimum impact or dilute it with moisturiser if it’s too harsh for you. Obtainable at Cult BeautyNet-A-PorterPaula’s Choice and SpaceNK.

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The Backside Line

There are many anti-aging superstars that aid you hold wrinkles off your face. Don’t waste your cash on these anti-aging substances that don’t work. As a rule, if it’s too good to be true, it in all probability is. Keep on with what’s been confirmed to work and eat as wholesome as you presumably can (exceptions allowed!) and also you’ll naturally age slowly.


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