Can You Poop With a Tampon In? An OB/GYN Weighs In



If you are a tampon-wearer, it might really feel such as you’ve been utilizing these handy cotton contraptions for, nicely, eons. But even in spite of everything these years, you should still have random questions on them—together with how and why they work. (Do not be embarrassed: We have all had these ideas. Plus, reproductive well being nonetheless is not talked about sufficient, so it is no surprise we’ve got questions!)

Positive, you’ll be able to Google these questions when you could have them, however you could have to do some digging to separate truth from fiction. And even with out the web, who hasn’t heard a fable or two about tampons over the course of their life—prefer it’ll stretch out your vagina, break your hymen, or make you a non-virgin? (These are all false, BTW.)

One main query is whether or not or not it is okay to poop with a tampon in. To unravel this (legitimate) question, we tapped an OB/GYN to share whether or not you’ll be able to poop and pee with a tampon in. Learn on for the reply, together with the most effective hygiene tricks to hold issues recent “down there” when you’re a tampon-wearer.

Are you able to poop with a tampon in?

You heard it right here: It’s very secure to empty your bowels whereas sporting a tampon. “The principle issues are hygiene and luxury quite than medical security,” says Stephanie Hack, MD, FACOG, a board-certified OB/GYN and founding father of Lady Parts Doctor.

Which means, so long as you do not really feel ache, you are free to go quantity two as you please. The remaining concern, although, is your hygiene. In case your tampon string will get contaminated with poop, you’ll be able to “switch micro organism from the rectal space to the vaginal or urethral areas, which may doubtlessly result in infections,” says Dr. Hack. Micro organism like E. coli, for instance, which might be present in stool, may cause a urinary tract infection (UTI).

Can your tampon ever fall out whenever you poop? It is uncommon to your tampon to fully fall out whenever you poop, however there’s nonetheless an opportunity it will possibly get barely dislodged whenever you pressure throughout a bowel motion. Mainly, it is doable to push your tampon out. That is largely as a result of anatomy, says Dr. Hack.

This occurs as a result of the vaginal and anal canals are kind of located on prime of one another, per the Cleveland Clinic. So the pressure of pushing out your poop may push out no matter’s within the neighboring canal, i.e., your tampon.

When this occurs, it’s normally greatest to vary your tampon, says Dr. Hack.

On a associated observe: Why does my interval make me poop extra?

Should you really feel such as you’re pooping greater than regular when Aunt Flo involves city, you are not imaging issues. “Period poops” are actual, and so they may cause your tampon to really feel just a little dislodged when you’re straining typically.

“Your interval can have an effect on your digestive system due to the discharge of prostaglandins,” says Dr. Hack. These hormone-like substances “assist the uterus contract to shed its lining, however may result in elevated bowel actions,” she explains.

Backside line: Pooping extra throughout your interval is regular, and the quantity/frequency you go will range from individual to individual. This additionally means you will possible be pooping with a tampon extra typically, too.

Are you able to pee with a tampon in?

If you are able to do quantity two with a tampon in, you’re in all probability guessing that doing primary is okay, too. And also you’re one hundred pc appropriate. Because of your physique’s pure design, peeing with a tampon in is feasible.

“As a result of the urethra [where pee exits] and the vagina are separate, the tampon doesn’t block the circulation of urine,” says Dr. Hack. However as a result of these holes are tremendous shut to one another, your uncovered tampon string could get moist.

In contrast to poop, pee getting in your tampon string “is extra about private consolation than well being dangers,” says Dr. Hack. Urine is sterile (i.e., does not have micro organism), which implies even when your string will get soaked, it will not improve your threat of an infection, per the Cleveland Clinic. You may merely pat it dry and even go away it alone if it doesn’t trouble you, Dr. Hack says.

Hygiene suggestions for tampon-wearers

Although it’s typically secure to poop whereas sporting a tampon, taking a couple of precautions to be hygienic might help defend your genital well being. Listed below are Dr. Hack’s restroom suggestions, so you’ll be able to poop like a professional with a tampon in:

  • Wipe from entrance to again: This can allow you to keep away from transferring micro organism from the rectal space to the urethra or vagina, which may trigger an an infection.
  • Maintain the tampon string to the facet whenever you poop (or pee): This can make sure that your string isn’t getting dirty with poop (or moist with urine).
  • At all times use clear arms when dealing with a tampon: Don’t poop after which change your tampon proper after. You don’t need dangerous micro organism out of your butthole hitching a journey to your urethra or vagina. To be secure, it’s greatest to scrub your arms earlier than (and after) touching a tampon.

If doubtful, there is not any hurt in simply altering your tampon if that is what makes you are feeling extra snug.

The underside line

It’s completely NBD to poop with a tampon in. As a result of there’s no medical motive to not, it’s actually a matter of non-public choice.

For cleanliness’ sake, although, it may be price it to take a couple of easy precautions to forestall poop from getting in your string. Past that, contemplate this your inexperienced gentle to poop and pee as a lot as you want whereas sporting a tampon.


What number of occasions are you able to pee with a tampon in?

Actually, it’s as much as you. “Altering your tampon extra continuously when urinating (or defecating) isn’t essentially required until the tampon turns into dirty or dislodged,” says Dr. Hack. “The choice is extra about private hygiene preferences and guaranteeing the tampon is functioning accurately to soak up menstrual blood.”

So, so long as you’re bodily snug, and also you’re not sporting a tampon for greater than eight hours, you’re golden to pee as many occasions as you need.

How do I do know my tampon is full?

“In case your tampon begins to really feel uncomfortable or begins to leak, it may be time for a change,” says Dr. Hack. “A lightweight tug on the string may assist; if the tampon begins to come back out simply, it’s possible full.”

Simply don’t go away in your tampon for greater than eight hours. Carrying it longer than that may improve your threat of poisonous shock syndrome (TSS)—a uncommon however critical situation that occurs when sure strains of micro organism that produce toxins enter your bloodstream, in line with the Cleveland Clinic.

Being loosey-goosey about how lengthy you leave a tampon in may result in different bacterial or yeast infections, in addition to irritation of your vulva (i.e., the outer a part of your genitals, together with your internal and outer labia and mons pubis, or the realm the place your pubes develop).

When your circulation is heavy, your tampon will get soaked shortly, so altering it extra continuously may be a good suggestion to keep away from potential well being issues. (Your underwear will thanks, too.)

Can pulling out a dry tampon trigger harm?

Typically tugging out a dry tampon when your circulation is gentle might be downright uncomfortable. And in sure instances, it would even trigger “minor harm to the vaginal mucosa, as a result of friction,” says Dr. Hack. Ouch.

To keep away from this, “it’s greatest to make use of the right absorbency to your circulation,” she says. Which means, follow smaller-size tampons when your circulation is gentle. On gentle days, you’ll be able to even skip the tampon altogether and put on pantyliners or a pair of reusable period underwear. And if conventional ingredients in tampons irritate your pores and skin, like rayon or sure fragrances, you’ll be able to seek for different tampon brands that use one hundred pc cotton or different pure components.

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