The 9 Biggest Tattoo Trends of 2024



Whenever you image ‘80s graphic design motifs, chances are high the picture you conjure up is of a Memphis sample — the type characterised by colourful, daring shapes floating in area. “Assume Trapper Keeper,” says Haight (or simply give the Saved By the Bell opening credit a watch).

“Everyone seems to be welcoming again the nostalgia of late ‘80s and ‘90s design developments,” Haight provides. A Memphis sample tattoo would possibly embrace a pastel triangle, a neon inexperienced squiggle, and a shiny lightning bolt.

Colourful, summary tattoos are rising in reputation, in accordance with Haight, and these designs don’t usually use a lot black ink, breaking an “unstated rule” that any tattoo have to be outlined in black. “The thought is that black ink lasts the longest and a tattoo with no define will likely be unrecognizable in 20 years,” Haight explains. This could be true, “however the truth of the matter is, individuals simply don’t care as a lot about that anymore.”

Realism and two-dimensional tattoos, mixed

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bad bunny arm tattoo — 2024 tattoo trend

Unhealthy Bunny’s arm tattoos

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Guidelines proceed to fly out the window with our subsequent development. Ana Guzman, a tattoo artist in New York Metropolis, has observed purchasers asking to combine two types, mostly two-dimensional tattoos and realism. Whereas realistic tattoos goal to seize the topic as they’re in life, two-dimensional artwork is designed with none depth, for a flat-looking, purposefully unreal looking look. This work steps exterior the confines of style, making a playful mixture of the real looking and the clearly faux. Artists like Unhealthy Bunny are lending extra visibility to the development with the realistic-looking vase and cartoon-esque two-dimensional flowers on his left arm.

Sticker sleeve

sticker tattoo sleeve with various small designs — 2024 tattoo trend

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