The Tom Platz Leg Workout for a Massive Lower Body



The Tom Platz leg exercise is famous in bodybuilding circles. 

For the uninitiated, Tom Platz is a retired bodybuilder. In his heyday, he had a few of the greatest legs in bodybuilding, incomes him the moniker “The Quadfather.”

To develop his 30-inch gams, he carried out brutal, high-rep leg exercises containing a number of units of squats, hack squats, leg extensions, leg curls, and calf raises. 

What made Tom Platz’s leg day much more spectacular was that he insisted on coaching by way of a full vary of movement on each train and doing each rep with picture-perfect kind. 

On this article, you’ll be taught the ins and outs of Tom Platz’s leg exercise, why it’s not for everybody, how one can modify it relying in your circumstances, and extra.


Tom Platz Leg Exercise

Right here is the Tom Platz leg day exercise:

A Phrase of Warning In regards to the Tom Platz Leg Day Exercise

Many green weightlifters assume Tom Platz’s leg exercise is their ticket to large legs. Nevertheless, it’s unlikely to provide the end result they anticipate for a number of easy causes.

First, Tom Platz’s leg day incorporates an exceptionally excessive variety of units—as much as 43 per session. For many pure weightlifters, this excessive “volume” is extra prone to hinder recovery and development than be productive.

Second, Platz has elite genetics that enabled his phenomenal leg growth. Regardless of the way you practice, it’s unlikely that you simply’ll see comparable outcomes until you’re additionally a genetic outlier. 

And third, Platz openly used steroids. Taking drugs allowed him to get better from and thrive on ultra-high volumes. With out such chemical enhancement, most will wear themselves to a frazzle attempting to duplicate his routine. 

Nonetheless, Tom Platz’s leg exercise can have some utility for the typical gym-goer.

Trying it sporadically can add enjoyable and selection to your coaching. Moreover, you’ll be able to adapt it by lowering the units and reps to extra manageable ranges (extra on the specifics quickly)—simply don’t anticipate your legs to explode just like the Quadfather’s.

Understanding the Set and Rep Scheme within the Tom Platz Leg Exercise

Whereas the sheer quantity of Tom Platz’s leg exercise is unconventional, the construction of his set and rep scheme is arguably much more unorthodox.

In contrast to most programs that prescribe a set variety of units and comparatively slim rep ranges, Platz allowed himself vital leeway on each the variety of units and reps carried out every session. 

This enabled Platz to autoregulate (regulate his workload primarily based on restoration and readiness) to a level most structured packages don’t.

For instance, on days when he felt contemporary and powerful, Platz would possibly carry out 12 units of squats within the 15-to-20 rep vary (one in all Platz’s most famed feats of power was finishing 23 reps of squats with 525 kilos). Nevertheless, when he felt drained, he would possibly throttle again the quantity and depth to compensate.

Platz believed this delivered superior muscle development, stimulating extra muscle fibers versus inflexible programming. 

Critically, Platz additionally took most “exhausting” units to failure (the purpose at which he couldn’t full one other rep with good kind). However as a result of he adjusted his reps as needed, he averted lacking rep targets due to fatigue. He merely lowered the per-set reps over the course of a exercise to match his declining efficiency.

The liberty of Platz’s method foreshadowed ideas like autoregulation and versatile periodization, which at the moment are gaining reputation. And whereas it gained’t work for everybody, it’s a viable approach to practice for those who perceive your skills and tightly regulate your workload. 

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Tips on how to Modify Tom Platz Leg Exercise

Until you’re genetically elite and chemically enhanced, performing Tom Platz’s leg exercise weekly in all probability isn’t prudent.

A extra smart method is to change his programming to incorporate simply sufficient quantity to spur development however not a lot that restoration turns into a problem. 

With that in thoughts, listed below are three revised routines impressed by Tom Platz’s leg day, tailored for newbies, skilled weightlifters, and those that practice with out machines. 

Tips on how to Modify the Tom Platz Legs Exercise for Newbies

If you happen to’ve been coaching for lower than a 12 months, comply with this newbie model of the Tom Platz’s legs exercise to make quick and sustainable progress:

  • Again Squat: 3 units of 4-to-6 reps
  • Hack Squat: 3 units of 6-to-8 reps
  • Leg Curl: 3 of 10-to-15 reps
  • Seated Calf Increase: 3 units of 10-to-15 reps

Tips on how to Modify the Tom Platz Legs Exercise for Skilled Weightlifters

This model of Tom Platz’s leg exercise incorporates the right mixture of quantity and depth to assist skilled weightlifters proceed progressing lengthy after their “newbie gains” are gone:

  • Again Squat: 4 units of 4-to-6 reps
  • Hack Squat: 4 units of 6-to-8 reps
  • Leg Extension: 4 of 10-to-15 reps
  • Leg Curl: 4 units of 10-to-15 reps
  • Seated Calf Increase: 4 units of 10-to-15 reps

Tips on how to Modify the Tom Platz Legs Exercise if You Don’t Have Machines

Apart from the again squat, each leg train within the unique Tom Platz leg day entails a machine. 

Happily, those that practice at home or with minimal gear don’t want a hack squat (or leg press), leg curl, or leg extension machine to coach thier decrease physique like Platz. 

Right here’s a exercise impressed by Tom Platz’s leg day requiring only a barbell, dumbbells, and your physique weight:

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Who Is Tom Platz?

Tom Platz is a retired bodybuilder often known as “The Quadfather” for his distinctive leg growth.

Except for his hulking legs and well-proportioned higher physique, Platz was famed for his coaching fashion.

Early in his bodybuilding profession, Platz educated with Olympic lifters, together with Norb Schemansky and Freddie Lowe, who taught him the virtues of squatting with a full range of motion and excellent kind. This method was not like that of different athletes of the period and have become the hallmark of his leg coaching, considerably influencing the squat exercises that fuelled his fame. 

Platz was additionally famend for his coaching philosophy, which emphasised the psychological fortitude required to be a prime bodybuilder.

He was identified for coaching with extraordinary depth, pushing himself to absolutely the limits of endurance and power. The psychological toughness required to coach this manner grew to become as a lot part of his legacy as his bodily achievements.

Amongst Platz’s most notable wins on a bodybuilding stage had been inserting third on the 1981 Mr. Olympia and claiming the IFBB Mr. Universe title in 1980.

What Made Tom Platz’s Legs Particular?

Right here’s an image of Tom Platz’s legs in his heyday. Want I say extra?:

Tom Platz’s legs


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